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TypoScript - PageTS not loaded if a bracket exists in the key

Added by Christian Hackl 7 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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After updating from TYPO3 7 to 9 I noticed the following:
PageTs will not be loaded if a bracket exists in the key.
Strangely explained I try to show it with an example:

    tt_content {
        pi_flexform.ttaddress_listview.sDISPLAY.settings\.displayMode.addItems {
            mykey(something) = label

    default {
        preset = rte_theme

Then everything after this "mykey(something)" is no longer loaded.
If you remove the brackets, the remaining TS (here RTE) is loaded.

(yes brackets in the key are not good - but I think I should at least be logged or something like that)


Updated by Josef Glatz 7 months ago

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I never saw TypoScript snippets where parenthesis (brackets) are in use within object names (or as part of object names) since TYPO3 3.8. According to https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/tutorial-typoscript-in-45-minutes/10.4/en-us/TypoScriptOverview/FirstSteps/Index.html?highlight=parenthesis shows me that also:

Parenthesis (()) are used for writing text values on more than one line.

Do you have some reference for us? Or probably the place within the code of the TYPO3 core why such thing should have worked?


Updated by Bernd Wilke 7 months ago

If those parenthesis worked before as a name I would consider it a bug or unwanted side effect as it does not conform the rules of typoscript.
Any opening parenthesis before an equal sign should open a multiline value, which ends with a line starting with a closing parenthesis (after white space), while the rests of these both lines are ignored.

Maybe the handling of whitespace as a seperator of object-/property-names and operator has changed and the splitting (and interpreting) is done different than before.

An explaining error message about unbalanced parenthesis would be required.


Updated by Georg Ringer 6 months ago

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