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22:34 TYPO3.Neos Revision 39eb5ed6: Merge "[BUGFIX] Render only metadata for removed elements"


19:41 TYPO3.Neos Revision 61409975: [FEATURE] Selectable target workspace
This change introduces a target workspace selector as part of the Publishing
dropdown menu. If other workspaces than ...


09:46 TYPO3.Neos Revision 24726632: Merge "[TASK] Always load javascript after stylesheet"


14:58 TYPO3.Flow Revision f40b1047: Merge "[TASK] Support dynamic return types for PhpStorm IDE"


18:04 TYPO3.Flow Revision 0cc9403d: Merge "[BUGFIX] Controller changes trigger AOP class rebuild"


12:28 TYPO3.Neos Revision 37940709: [TASK] Adjust to explicit creation of workspaces in content repository
Since the introduction of the layered-workspaces-feature, getWorkspace()
does not implicitly create workspaces if the...
12:28 TYPO3.Neos Revision b66ad2ae: [TASK] Adjust to moved PublishingService & use discardAllNodes()
This change adjusts the Neos Publishing Service to the move of the
TYPO3CR Publishing Service and uses its new functi...
11:56 TYPO3.TYPO3CR Revision 1615a725: [TASK] Move PublishingService and introduce discardAllNodes()
This change moves \TYPO3\TYPO3CR\Service\PublishingService and the
corresponding interface to the correct location
11:34 TYPO3.TYPO3CR Revision 500fa5b0: [!!!][FEATURE] Layered workspaces support
This change effectively allows for creating layered workspaces by
creating new workspaces based on other workspaces t...


23:24 TYPO3.Neos Revision aec53aeb: [TASK] Adjust release notes for 2.0 beta 1 release
Change-Id: I7bb5dc988f00df19c20fecc1e2917cebe738db90
Releases: master

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