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09:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #101848 (Resolved): PHP 8 warning in EXT:Backend\FrontendBackendUserAuthentication::getAllowedEditActions Christian Toffolo
09:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #101847 (Resolved): PHP 8 warning in EXT:Backend\FrontendBackendUserAuthentication::allowedToEditLanguage Christian Toffolo


10:09 TYPO3 Core Bug #101602 (Resolved): PHP 8 warning in ContentObjectRenderer::editIcons Christian Toffolo


13:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #101319 (Closed): Impossible to not display controls in video
Nevermind, my mistake.
To not render 'controls' attribute, one must set f:media with:...
Christian Toffolo
13:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #101319 (Closed): Impossible to not display controls in video
The simplest way to not display controls in HTML5 video it to not add the "controls" attribute at all to the video el... Christian Toffolo


10:37 TYPO3 Core Feature #101161 (New): New access right: Show if not logged in
Use case: I want to hide a page only from users in a specific user group (e.g. SpecialUsers). So the page should stil... Christian Toffolo


13:17 TYPO3 Core Bug #100063 (New): l10n_display=hideDiff not working for pi_flexform
Setting pi_flexform:
* l10n_display = hideDiff
* l10n_mode = exclude
still displays the pi_flexform fields.
Christian Toffolo


08:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #99819 (New): Missing page tree in direct link to CE
Browsing a direct links to specific content elements or refreshing while editing a CE doesn't display the page tree.
Christian Toffolo


09:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #99444 (New): Core: Exception handler (WEB: FE): Error, code #0, file TypoScriptFrontendController.php, line 2099: Attempt to assign property "rootLine" on null
Generated by Googlebot visiting a translated page that is a shortcut to another page like:
Christian Toffolo


15:24 TYPO3 Core Feature #99204 (New): Display record title in breadcrumb of edit form
When editing a record, it is missing a reference of which record is been edited after scrolling down (record title di... Christian Toffolo

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