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14:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #88823: Re-introduce option to disable "Localization view" in list module and/or auto-disable...
This is indeed a must have. As a constructive criticism, I suggest core developers to test with some editors on a com...
08:35 TYPO3 Core Feature #24019: Enhance IRRE to allow new records to appear at the top
Instead of simply allow new IRRE records to appear at the top, it would be better to imitate List Module behavior: a ...


13:26 TYPO3 Core Bug #92545 (New): Clicking BE module should not re-open page tree
If BE user collapse the page tree column and click a module icon, then the page tree column expands while it should r...


21:24 TYPO3 Core Feature #81310: Add "select all records in all pages" button to Recycler
Could another solution be an option "Delete all X records in table Y" that bypass javascript and deletes all records ...


14:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #92050 (New): Wrong localized dates in viewhelper
To reproduce this bug use the viewhelper like:...


12:48 TYPO3 Core Feature #92022 (Resolved): Show weeks numbers in datetimepicker
Weeks numbers is missing in datetimepicker and it doesn't hurt to have that info since it only adds a small column to...


14:19 TYPO3 Core Bug #91975 (New): l10n_mode and l10n_display has no effect in categories
I have TCA configured in this way:
but in BE, editing the localized record st...


20:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #91855 (Under Review): Image with crop set is JPEG compressed twice
Image with crop set is JPEG compressed twice so it loses quality 2 times based on jpg_quality setting.
1st compres...


09:20 TYPO3 Core Feature #91788 (Closed): Let editor choose where to insert file in selector
With long IRRE lists it can be useful for the editor to choose where (top or bottom) to insert new file from file sel...


15:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #77642: preg_match: Compilation failed: regular expression is too large at offset 27
Still present in TYPO3 9 LTS and probably also in 10 LTS and current master since the code of method cropHTML didn't ...

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