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Added by Simon Schaufelberger 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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I often have the use case that I want to navigate to a page where I only have the slug from the frontend and want to edit the page and siblings of that page. I search the page in the right top corner by the slug and then would like to open the page tree to exactly that page the same way like PhpStorm does it with this icon:

Basically all the parent pages of the currently opened page should be expanded.


jump-to-page-in-tree.jpg (7.17 KB) jump-to-page-in-tree.jpg Simon Schaufelberger, 2023-11-16 12:02
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Updated by Simon Schaufelberger 7 months ago

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Updated by Simon Schaufelberger 7 months ago

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Updated by Andreas Nedbal 7 months ago

We already have been playing around with ideas that go in the direction of this feature request. Our main goal in the end is the page tree always being in sync with what's shown inside the module. (so that manual locating of pages isn't even necessary)

I worked on a proof of concept for what you have been describing a few months ago already: (a visual demonstration of the patch progress can be found here:

And there's a WIP patch from Benjamin Franzke that syncs the page tree to what module is currently open automatically:

The second patch is the more desirable behaviour we would like to work towards.

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Updated by Garvin Hicking 7 months ago

Just dropping in to say I desperately need this in my life, too - thanks for the effort on this! :-)

I'm personally leaning more towards an explicit "show me this page" icon, instead of always switching the page tree around. Often I have a very specific page tree state I want to preserve, and just temporarily go to another page, and then back. If the tree would always jump around when doing that, this would be more confusing to me.

(But I can understand the intent that my scenario may not be the 'sane default')


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