Bug #22953

Export module does not keep pagetree configuration

Added by Alexander Stehlik over 11 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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In the Import / Export module, I try to select some tables for export. Then I click on "Update" and my selection is gone, but the preview shows all the data I selected. When I click "Update" again, the preview only shows pages.

This is the same for "Include relations to tables" and "Use static relations for tables".

The states of the drop down menu "Levels" and of the check box "Show static relations" are saved though.

I was able to reproduce this in 4.4RC2 and in the current trunk.

(issue imported from #M14810)


index.php.diff (565 Bytes) index.php.diff Administrator Admin, 2010-06-23 01:41
14810_02.diff (637 Bytes) 14810_02.diff Administrator Admin, 2010-06-23 01:45

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Updated by Tommy Juhnke over 11 years ago

I think I figured it out.

I think the foreach loop in lines 1645:1649 must be changed to this:

foreach ($TCA as $table => $table_value) {
if ($GLOBALS['BE_USER']->check('tables_select',$table) && t3lib_div::inList($excludeList,$table)) {
$optValues[$table] = $table;

Otherwise, the "$value" (which is now changed to $table_value) will be assigned to the [ctrl] section of the last TCA entry. I'll test this and apply a patch.

edit: Sorry, I forgot to include the path in the diff. The file 14810_02 is the correct one which could by patched against current 4.4


Updated by Alexander Stehlik over 11 years ago

Works like a charm.

Thank you Thomas!


Updated by Chris topher over 11 years ago

Hi Thomas,

do you know that you should now send your patch to Core List?
Check out http://typo3.org/teams/core/core-mailinglist-rules/


Updated by Tommy Juhnke over 11 years ago

Hi Alexander & Christopher,

I've done that already and the patch is committed to the trunk for TYPO3 v4.5 by Ernesto:


Note: there's also a discussion going on in the Core Mailinglist for adding the $_ usage in foreach loops for unused key vars to the CGL.


Updated by Chris topher over 11 years ago

Ahh, I missed that one. Thanks for the pointer!
The CGL issue might go on and can result in another RFC, but this one is done. :-)


Committed by Ernesto to
4_4: Rev. 8080
trunk: Rev. 8079


Updated by Benni Mack over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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