Bug #24458

Installing extension: Dependency Window has a Back Button which is not working

Added by Richard Haeser over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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If you try to import an extension that depends on an extension that's not installed yet, you have the "import now" option.
After opening the popup and installing the needed extension, you have the link to close the popup. This link is working. But in the top left corner of that window there is the button "Back". This one is not working. If you click that option, the popup will not close, but it shows the content of the extension manager in the popup.

(issue imported from #M16897)


Updated by Chris topher over 10 years ago

What is that button there for? I mean the window is a popup. It opens infront of the BE and when you are ready you close it. Even if that button was working: You will somehow or other need exactly one click to go back to the screen you had before. And: This screen was not inside the popup. So it is logical to close the popup and not to click "Back".

Therefore I would go for removing that button in the window.


Updated by Christian Kuhn over 7 years ago

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Since 4.5 and 4.7 are in security fix mode, this will no longer be fixed. 6.0 and above have a different em that does not suffer from this.

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