Feature #24672

Epic #55575: Streamline JavaScript Code in the TYPO3 Backend

Refactor the pagetree javascript files to be usable by other trees

Added by Stefan Galinski almost 11 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The pagetree javascript files are currently very specific for the needs of the pagetree. This would require other tree implementations to always recreate their own components. It's an important requirement before any other tree components are created.

The pagetree files needs to be refactored to be more generic. Mainly this is the context menu implementation, the tree implementation and their related components like the node user interface, the tree editor and the state provider. The same would be needed for the top panel and the deletion drop zone, but they need much more changes to be really generic.

I don't will do that for 4.5 anymore and it will be a task for 4.6 as the changes are much to huge. The goal for 4.5 was to create a stable pagetree. Sorry!
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as we are in the process of kicking ExtJS out of the Core, and we streamlined all other trees, we won't fix this in the future.

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