Bug #25586

Template editor does not open settings and constants box with t3 editor installed

Added by Wim no-lastname-given over 10 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Is T3 editor installed then the template settings or constants box opens but is immediately closed.
With de-installing t3 editor the problem is solved.

Typo3 4.4.0
PHP 5.2.13
Windows platform
(issue imported from #M14878)

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Updated by Jigal van Hemert over 10 years ago

Just tested with Firefox 3.6.4 on:
Windows Vista, PHP 5.3 : no problem
CentOS, PHP 5.2.6 : no problem.

Maybe discuss this first on one of the mailing lists/newsgroups to get a good diagnosis?


Updated by Wim no-lastname-given over 10 years ago

The content of the setup box (f.e) is present in the html. However, the "textarea" tag of the t3editor has the style parameter: "display:none; height: 60%, width: 90%;"
So, the content is not visible.
Why and where is this display:none setting added?


Updated by Wim no-lastname-given over 10 years ago

Further investigation:
Javascript in "index.php" gives an error "unterminated string literal".
T3editor.template = '<div class=\"t3e_modalOverlay\"></div>
' + '<div class=\"t3e_iframe_wrap\"></div>
' + '<div class=\"t3e_statusbar_wrap\">
' + ' <span class=\"t3e_statusbar_title\"></span>
' + ' <span class=\"t3e_statusbar_status\"></span>
' + '</div>';

By changing the t3editor.html template with removing linefeed, the javascript error is solved and the setup box is displayed.

The cause of this all is the following code in my opinion:
line 171: $T3Editor_template = str_replace(LF, "' + '", $T3Editor_template);
class: class.tx_t3editor.php.

The linefeed still remains in the templatecode. Don't know why.


Updated by Wim no-lastname-given over 10 years ago

In Class: class.tx_t3editor.php I added the following statement after line 171:
$T3Editor_template = trim( preg_replace( '/\s+/', ' ', $T3Editor_template ) );

The t3editor works now correct.


Updated by Administrator Admin almost 10 years ago

I had the same problem with typo3 4.5.2

I added the code:
$T3Editor_template = trim( preg_replace( '/\s+/', ' ', $T3Editor_template ) );
after line 221:
$T3Editor_template = str_replace(LF, "' + '", $T3Editor_template);

after uploading the changed file it worked correct!

Thanks Wim


Updated by Tobias Liebig almost 10 years ago

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cannot reproduce on 4.5, 6.2 or 7

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