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Example AdditionalFieldsProvider

Added by Nils Blattner almost 11 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Last weekend I showed my AdditionalFieldsProvider to Christian Kuhn and he told me to post it here so it might be included in a future release as an example class.
Should it be desired, I would "pimp" it a bit more to make it general enough so it could be included as a library class (or the like).
The class already does create a kind of namespace between different tasks (provided it is extended for each such task class). However, I could change the class to also to provide namespacing between different tasks of the same type.
The question there is whether you want to fix these problems in the scheduler itself or not.

Anyway, let me know what you decide :)

(issue imported from #M13628)


Updated by Francois Suter almost 11 years ago

Hi Nils,

Your code is interesting and the care taken about name-spacing is really good, but I think it is excessive to include something like this in the Scheduler.

What I don't like is that it introduces something like a light version of TCA/TCEforms and I would rather avoid that. Not it would be very convenient to be able to use TCEforms to create scheduler fields, but it's not possible at the moment given the structure of TCEforms. However you may be aware that TCEforms is being refactored. It may not happen in time for TYPO3 4.4, but I guess it should be ready for 4.5. At that point, I will definitely look at how it's possible to use the refactored TCEforms to generate Scheduler fields.

In the meantime I would suggest that you release your code in an extension, as an example of best practice for writing Scheduler task.

I will also add a note in the manual drawing developer's attention to the matter of name-spacing.

Is that ok with you?


Updated by Christian Kuhn about 10 years ago

Resolved, suspended.

While better name spacing and more simple additional field generation is still an issue in the scheduler, we will have to wait until the core API's are extensible enough to be used it in the scheduler.

A hint on name spacing in the scheduler has already been added to the documentation, to at least give developers a hint on how this can be done. Additionally, there are now tasks provided with TYPO3 4.5 which use additional fields and can be used as a showcase by developers.

Thus, I'd like to take the freedom to close this issue for now, but still want to thank you for your efforts! I think we have already mitigated the issue a bit and we should open specific new issues if someone can come up with solutions on single topics.


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