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Enhance suggest wizard by limiting to certain languages

Added by Philipp Kitzberger almost 10 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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FormEngine aka TCEforms
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the asynchronous suggest wizard in tce forms lists matching records of all languages. sometimes this results in a too wide range of records, when only non-translated records are needed anyway.

an improvment to that would be to add a possibility to set a limit to only search for non-translated records or only those records that match to the parent records
language. maybe this could be achieved by introducing where-clauses in general.

since there's no change in this class t3lib_TCEforms_Suggest, this issue applies for 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7.



Updated by Fabian over 9 years ago

I have a similar problem.

If i use "sys_language_uid = ###REC_FIELD_sys_language_uid###" to get only the records in the correct language there are no records found by the suggest wizard anymore.

AND my_extension.pid = 403 AND my_extension.sys_language_uid = ###REC_FIELD_sys_language_uid###

Updated by Philipp Kitzberger over 9 years ago

unfortunately there's only replacement of two markers in the foreign_table_where clause:

see t3lib/tceforms/class.t3lib_tceforms_suggest.php:

214                 //process addWhere
215             if (!isset($config['addWhere']) && $foreign_table_where) {
216                 $config['addWhere'] = $foreign_table_where;
217             }
218             if (isset($config['addWhere'])) {
219                 $config['addWhere'] = strtr(' ' . $config['addWhere'], array(
220                                                                             '###THIS_UID###' => intval($uid),
221                                                                             '###CURRENT_PID###' => intval($pageId),
222                                                                        ));
223             }


Updated by Tobias H. about 8 years ago

Is this issue resolved in TYPO3 6.2? Has anyone checked the behaviour in 6.2?


Updated by Thomas Christiansen about 8 years ago

Nope, it's not. :(

When I use

foreign_table_where' => 'AND my_ext.sys_language_uid=0'

the wizard works fine. In my case i can deal with the hard coded 0.


Updated by Patrick Kavajin over 7 years ago

See attachment for a patch implementing the REC_FIELD_sys_language_uid marker.


Updated by Susanne Moog almost 7 years ago

Could you hand in that patch as described here: https://wiki.typo3.org/Contribution_Walkthrough_Tutorials


Updated by Susanne Moog over 4 years ago

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