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Migration from "old" mailforms to "new" form extension

Added by Florian Seirer almost 11 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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We run TYPO3 4.7, and haven't yet installed the form extension that was introduced in TYPO3 4.6.
The reason for this is that if I install the new form extension (I also included the static TS) all of our 400+ already existing forms disappear from the website. The old form configuration is still in the bodytext field, but the form wizard shows an empty form.

Obviously, the actual form configuration is different for both extensions (thus the empty wizard), which means that the new extension is not backwards compatible. I also could not find any information on how to migrate the old forms.

This wouldn't be much of a problem if the old and new form extension could both run at the same time, and newer forms are created with the new extension. But the new extension replaces the old one, which makes it useless to me without taking the effort to manually migrate 400 forms.

Did I miss something or is this a bug/missing feature?

Files (4.1 KB) Florian Seirer, 2018-11-08 11:12
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Updated by Ernesto Baschny almost 11 years ago

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I would say "missing feature". There is no (to my knowledge) migration wizard for old forms. You either install "form" and get it's features (from scratch) or do not install it and keep using old mailform's.

But a wizard to migrate would be awesome! Maybe you could find time to work on that? Or provide some sponsoring for someone to work on it?

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Updated by Benni Mack almost 9 years ago

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Hey Florian,

as the old mailform is now moved to compatibility6, we are not going to support this form any longer and also won't provide an upgrade path to it. Sorry, but this is just too much effort we don't want to invest more time in. If you still want to come up with a migration patch, I'm happy to review and get it in.

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Updated by Benjamin Serfhos about 7 years ago

I created my own install tool upgrade migration if developers want to use it;

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Updated by Florian Seirer over 5 years ago

I added some missing field types to the script from Benjamin, and created a very basic extension (See attached file).
Not all features of the old mailforms are migrated, because they aren't supported in new forms. But it worked for me and saved me a lot of time.

Thank you, Benjamin!


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