Bug #53227

Page Copy with Content Elements (Preview-Pics don't appear)

Added by Manuel Thaler over 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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When copying a page in pagetree (either pagetree with context-menu or in list-view with the common copy-feature) following happens:

- page is beeing copied
- page contents are copied as well

when inspecting the result after copying the page, we realized the preview pictures in the created page copy are not shown.

as soon as we open a content element for editing (i.E. textpic) and save & close it, the thumb is beeing displayed of the image-element in the content.

do you have any idea why this doesn't show the preview-pics?

Thank you for having a look at this.

in fact: tt_content (textpic) preview doesn't show thumb (in preview) after copying a page.


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Hi Manuel,

which TYPO3 version did you use?


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