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09:17 Calendar Base Feature #81960 (New): navigation part (current view not highlighted)
This would be a great help if s.b. is on the monthly view, to highllight it with a class on the current called view.
09:16 Calendar Base Feature #81959 (New): Current Day Highlighting in other Views not available
I only see the current Day in the Month- and Year-View.
It would be nice to havve the current Time visible wihtin th...
09:12 Calendar Base Bug #81958 (Needs Feedback): List View (Calendar Colors not implemented)
The Color-Setup isn't implemented in the List-View.
09:07 Calendar Base Feature #81957 (Needs Feedback): 100 Ways to show and modify dates without constants
It's a little bit confusing. There are like 100 places where to change the date formates for the views. why isn't the...
09:06 Calendar Base Feature #81956 (Needs Feedback): Navigation Part within the Fluid Template Event List View
The Navigation Part forward, backward, change option to dive into monthly, dayly etc. view doesn't exist.
09:05 Calendar Base Bug #81955 (Needs Feedback): Week View - Add event isn't available on the template
There is no add event functionality implemented within the week view
09:02 Calendar Base Bug #81954 (Needs Feedback): Error Handling in Create / Edit View not available
If s.B. adds a calendar entry without a title, there isn't any message the entry wasn't created.
08:59 Calendar Base Bug #81953 (Needs Feedback): Default Calendar (Preselection) not working
Preselection in Calendar isn't working for a certain Frontend User.
The Typoscript isn't interpreted if s.b. i.e. a...


13:44 tt_news Bug #61947 (New): Error on TYPO3 PHP 5.4 » tx_ttnews_categorytree::getTree() throws erros
h1. Error on TYPO3 PHP 5.4 » tx_ttnews_categorytree::getTree() throws erros
> Strict Standards: Declaration of tx_...


09:59 Grid Elements Bug #54642: Copying content using the "traditional" method does not work when the copy is pasted ...
Hi, any news on that issue? I can confirm the same behaviour.

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