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Doc-Module: Unclear different between "Manage" and "Show" Documentation

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 7 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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As noted by the UX team, the selector between "Show" and "Manage" is confusing, as the difference is not quite clear at first.

See this comment:


Not even to me it is clear what view is showing me what, and what exactly the "Download" does (because as an user, I expect to be able to "Download" the documentation myself.

Maybe rephrasing the menu items would be a better fit, or even merge the functionality in a single view? Why would I want to differentiate between "showing" or "managing"? We could display the whole list and then provide according actions depending if it has already been fetched locally or not.

@Xavier, would be great to have some input from you on that matter. Thanks!


Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 7 years ago

I put comments there, to explain how I see this documentation module, what are my ideas and where I would like to go.


Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 7 years ago

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This has been tackled with already.


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