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The active button in the backend dialogs should also have the highlight color

Added by Tobias Wollender over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I have a problem with the buttons in the dialogs in the TYPO3 backend. When the dialog is displayed, the destructive action ("OK") is highlighted, but the non-destructive action ("Cancel") is active. So in my opinion it would be better, if the active action in the dialog would also have the highlight color. When I switch the active button (e. g. with a tab), than the highlight color would move to the other button. So it would be more clear, what will happen when you press ENTER.

Actually I think the ENTER will trigger the "OK", as it is visually highlighted in the dialog. That's irritating for the user.


delete-dialog.png (15.2 KB) delete-dialog.png Tobias Wollender, 2015-12-08 10:29
photoshop-dialog.png (69.5 KB) photoshop-dialog.png Tobias Wollender, 2015-12-08 23:50

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Updated by Frans Saris over 6 years ago

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The cancel button is highlighted and active when the delete confirmation appears. See the gray border around the cancel button in your screenshot. If you hit TAB you should see the border (focus) move.

The difference in color of the cancel and OK button is not the highlighting or focus. But they just are coloured different.


Updated by Tobias Wollender over 6 years ago

But the different color is important for the user. Visually the OK button is highlighted, in focus or active - whatever you will call it. So if you press ENTER, you expect the active button to be triggered. And for me this is the OK button, as orange is the more active color in this case.

Attached you find a screenshot from Photoshop on OSX. It asks if it should replace an already existing file when saving. The non-desctructive action "Abbrechen" (Cancel) is active there when this dialog appears - that is the same as in TYPO3. But as you can clearly see, the more active color is on that button too. And not on the "Ersetzen" (Replace).

So for me it would make more sense, if the active button would match with the active color.


Updated by Frans Saris over 6 years ago

Created a new issue #72124


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