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Epic #75567: Accessibility: As an editor I want to create accessible content which passes the accessiblity tests from WCAG 2.0.

Fluid based Indexed Search: I want to add an accessibile search form

Added by Andrea Moroni over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Indexed Search
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As an Editor I want to add an accessibile search form

Acceptance Criteria:
  • All the Indexed Search content should to be wrapped by a container <div role=”search”></div>
  • The link to advanced search and regular search needs a link-title “open the advanced search options” / “close the advanced search options”
  • The advanced search options composed by two input (Match, Search in, Order by, Style) needs to be grouped in a fieldset with a legend for the fieldset and a label for each dropdown or checkbox
  • All generated links in searchresult needs a link-title “Go to page ” + Page-Title
    The pagination links (Previous, Next, Page x) needs a link-title (“Go to the previous result page”, “Go to the next result page”, “Go to the result page x”)

Technical Description / Additional Information:


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As there is currently no one working on these stories and as we have a restarted accessibility initiative and these kind of stories should be taken into account and planned to be developed by that initiative. Of course, the content here is still relevant and can be used for creating further plans once concrete steps to implement these stories are being taken.

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