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Upgrade Analysis for the Install Tool

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With the rst files the core ships since version 7, we are able to provide an automatic code check upon update to report on problems for upgrading instances.

After applying the new core version, the first clicks for an integrator are to the Install Tool anyway, and no extensions are loaded yet and crash the system (with the known exceptions to ext_localconf.php and ext_tables.php). So here is the place to present all the documentation files we ship anyway and have a local place to study the new version.

Additionally, developers providing new features or introduce deprecations can provide a finder class, that enables an automated check whether or not any extension code is affected by this particular change.

The Feature includes a scan, that analyses the current extensions and finds affections, listing them for further investigation.

A code fixing feature, based on Fixer Classes, will take care of actually fixing the found issues.

The user can dismiss single hits, because he will not fix them for reasons.
The state of the migration is tracked, so dismissed hits will not be displayed again, except the user cleares the session.

Several filters will be in place in order to make it easy on the user to narrow down the amount of displayed list items according to current focus.


Feature #75691: Upgrade Analysis - Provide listing of documentation filesClosedAnja Leichsenring

Feature #75692: Provide Fixer ClassesClosed

Feature #75693: Provide a HTML Tokenizer and Finder Class ImplementationClosed

Feature #75694: Provide a TypoScript Tokenizer and Finder ImplementationClosed

Feature #75695: Provide Tokenizer and Finder Class for JavaScriptClosed

Feature #75696: Provide dismissal for single entriesClosed

Bug #75700: Deal with several rst files / finder classes for one issue numberClosed

Task #75703: Detect object usage of deprecated code including use statements.Closed

Task #78172: Provide Finder Classes for PHP related changesClosed

Task #78190: Finder class for 76259RejectedŁukasz Uznański

Task #78197: Finder class for 75711RejectedPrzemysław Krukowski

Task #78198: Finder class for 72368RejectedKrystian Szymukowicz

Task #78202: Finder class for 72370RejectedKrystian Szymukowicz

Task #78203: Finder class for 72859RejectedŁukasz Uznański

Task #78204: Finder class for 76370RejectedŁukasz Uznański

Task #78173: Update Rst Files with meaningful tagsClosed

Task #78179: Update files for 8.2ClosedMichał Jankiewicz

Task #78183: Update files for 8.0ClosedKrystian Szymukowicz

Task #78182: Update files for 8.1ClosedPrzemysław Krukowski

Task #78184: Update files for masterClosedKrystian Szymukowicz

Task #78181: Update files for 8.3ClosedMichał Jankiewicz

Feature #78187: Finder FunctionalityRejectedAnja Leichsenring

Feature #79420: Hide files from view for usersClosedAnja Leichsenring

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