Bug #78355

System > Access module not starting in selected page of page tree

Added by Patrick Broens almost 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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When selecting a page in the page tree, and going to the System > Access module, it will always start at the root page of the website, not the selected one. This is confusing for people maintaining these access rights. When you have entered the module and select a page again, the Access module will switch to this page.

How to reproduce:
  • Open the page module and select a page in the page tree which is not the web root page
  • Go to the module System > Access
  • This module will open with the web root page, not the selected one
  • When clicking the selected page again in the page tree, it will show the access rights for this page

Other modules, which use the page tree, are fine, like the Page or List. When opening these modules after the use of another one, they will continue on the same page, like selected in the page tree.

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Revision 078107e4 (diff)
Added by Michael Oehlhof about 1 year ago

[BUGFIX] System > Access module now starting in selected page of page tree

Resolves: #78355
Releases: master
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#1 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi almost 2 years ago

also on 8.5.0-dev

#2 Updated by Daniel Windloff almost 2 years ago

It seems to be kind of regression introduced by #62339 (Move access module from web > access to system > access), because the additional id parameter depends on the current section (e.g. web, file, system).


includeId: function (mod, params) {
    if (typeof mod === 'undefined') {
        return params;
    //get id
    var section = mod.split('_')[0];
    if (top.fsMod.recentIds[section]) {
        params = 'id=' + top.fsMod.recentIds[section] + '&' + params;
    return params;

As different values are used for web or file, I would opt for the introduction of a new identifier and remove the dependency of the current section. This would solve the issue.

#3 Updated by Michael Oehlhof over 1 year ago

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