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Flexform displaycond with switchableControllerActions sys_category tree not working

Added by Sascha Schieferdecker almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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With TYPO3 8.6.1 the following flexform (simplified and shortenend for the sake of readibility) does not show any sys_categories, because the displaycond throws an error 500:

<label>Show complete directory or single entry?</label>
<numIndex index="0">
<numIndex index="0">Show complete directory</numIndex>
<numIndex index="1">Eintrag->directory;Eintrag->listByCategory;Eintrag->show</numIndex>
<numIndex index="2">
<numIndex index="0">Show single entry</numIndex>
<numIndex index="1">Eintrag->show</numIndex>


This part does not work anymore, but worked with 7.6:

<!-- Category -->
<label>Show only entries with these categories</label>
<foreign_table_where> AND sys_category.sys_language_uid IN (-1, 0) ORDER BY sys_category.sorting ASC</foreign_table_where>

When calling the flexform, I see an XHR-Request with error 500:

#1481496170: Flex form displayCond on field "settings.categories" on flex form sheet "sDEF" references a field or field / sheet combination "switchableControllerActions" that might be defined in given data structure but is not found in data values. (More information)

RuntimeException thrown in file
/var/www/web_typo8/site/typo3/sysext/backend/Classes/Form/FormDataProvider/EvaluateDisplayConditions.php in line 516.

I also see a second XHR-request afterwards, which returns the categories correctly. But because of the first failing request, the form field stays empty and no categories show up. This only happens with categories. I have another field in the form with exwhich allows the user to select one or more single entries in the same form which works with exactly the same displaycond:

<label>Show the following entries</label>

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this was resolved with the related issue and should be solved in v8 LTS 8.7.0

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