Bug #81838

Translating workspace record with MM relations

Added by Kevin Ditscheid over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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I know there are lots of issues regarding Workspaces, translations and MM-Relations, but I think I've got a bug that no ticket has mentioned before, at least as I could see.

The issue can be reproduces quite easily and consistent.
I created a little extension with 2 record types, that can be selected by each other as many-to-many relations. I append a ZIP with the extension, so others can test it, too.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Setup a fresh TYPO3 instance
2. Install workspaces
3. Install the example extension from the ZIP
4. Create a second system language
5. Setup a basic workspace record, no special configuration needed
6. Add a new page
7. Add a few Leaf-Records
8. Switch into the workspace
9. Add a new Root-Record (Note that you must not add leafs, yet!)
10. Save the new Root-Record
11. Select a Leaf-Record from the Leafs-Select field
12. Save the Root-Record (At this point, the live-placeholder has no relations, but the workspace version does)
13. Translate the Root-Record

After processing the translation, the new, translated Root record looses the relations to the leafs.
The expected behaviour would have been, that the translated Root record gets all the selected leafs from the default language.

The RelationHandler does not use the workspace version uid of the Root record, but the one of the live-placeholder, which does not get changed when changing the workspace Root record.

The RelationHandler needs to take into account, that the uid it gets to resolve the relations isn't the right one and should determine the workspace version of it.


ws_mm_example.zip (4.32 KB) ws_mm_example.zip Kevin Ditscheid, 2017-07-11 21:04

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