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EXT:form - documentation for editors

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The form framework needs documentation for the target group "editors". We have to describe the usage of the form manager, wizard, editor and plugin.


Task #88211: Very first steps introducing editor documentationClosedSusanne Moog

Story #88217: Tutorial: Create a photo contestClosedSusanne Moog

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Added by Susanne Moog 5 months ago

[TASK] Introduce Editor Documentation for EXT:form

To allow documentation for editors to be rendered alongside the
integrator documentation, the documentation structure of EXT:form
has been adjusted.

As the rst file paths have been too long in the past, the folder names
introduced uses the shortest name possible to not run into problems again.

The folder `I` now contains Integrator content.
The folder `E` is prepared for Editor content.

A first tutorial for editors has also been written and added to directly
have content for the new folder structure.

Related: #82358
Resolves: #88211
Releases: master
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