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Page Module: Display cut / copy buttons directly in Content Element Header

Added by Moritz Ahl almost 3 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Cutting/Copying and Pasting multiple Content Elements from one page to another using the page module is totally tortuous at the moment because each time you want to copy something you first need to open the context menu of a content element before you can click the cut or copy button. Sometimes moving the item to the clipboard doesn't even work and you have to repeat the procedure.

Why not show the Buttons directly in the header of each content element? That would save one click. Let's just display them just before to the edit / hide / delete buttons (two button groups so there's some space between those two blocks).

If easily possible, we could also show a spinner instead of the icon after clicking so you know that moving the item to the clipboard was successful.

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Epic #90676: Clipboard related bugs and featuresAccepted2020-03-07


Updated by Moritz Ahl almost 3 years ago

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Templavoilà did that IIRC


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  • Related to Epic #90676: Clipboard related bugs and features added

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Sorry, but as I close this issue as it gained no attention for a very long time.

If it is really needed, it could be added via a custom extension.

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