Bug #87887

"disablePrependAtCopy" does not work properly in combination with "allowLanguageSynchronization"

Added by Benedikt Imminger 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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For the assets-field allowLanguageSynchronization is set to 'true' and disablePrependAtCopy is active for sys_file_reference .

This configuration works as expected when the content element is translated for the first time. [Translate to XY] is not visible in the translated content element.

However, when I add another image to the content element after the initial translation, [Translate to XY] is visible.

I think this might be a bug because it works as expected on the initial translation, but not correctly afterwards.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Set allowLanguageSynchronization to true for 'assets'
  2. Activate disablePrependAtCopy for sys_file_reference
  3. For sys-lang 0: Add image to a content element which uses the assets field (e.g. text-media).
  4. Add metadata for image (e.g. title).
  5. Translate content element to sys_lang 1 ([Translate to XY] is not visible as expected).
  6. Go back to sys-lang 0: add a second image to content element and save the changes.
  7. Switch to sys-lang 1: metadata of new file now contains [Translate to XY]

PrependAtCopy.png View (288 KB) Benedikt Imminger, 2019-03-11 18:10


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