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Reduce dependencies to TSFE in Frontend Request Workflow

Added by Benni Mack 10 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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The Frontend Request Workflow has seen drastic separation
due to the introduction of PSR-15 (Middleware concept) and
the Context API in TYPO3 v9.

For TYPO3 v10, this now allows to further refactorings
to reduce dependencies to TSFE, allowing to run various
parts of TYPO3 Frontend without having a global TSFE object
in place.

The goal is to set up:
- Site + Language
- Redirects
- Page ID Resolving
- Page Argument Validation (cHash)
- Frontend + Backend User Authentication

before any TSFE dependency is in place.

Further refactorings can then happen as TSFE is scoped
more into parts of TYPO3.


Task #88541: Move Frontend User session saving into MiddlewareClosedBenni Mack

Task #88717: Rework TSFE dependenciesClosedBenni Mack

Bug #88747: Clean up TSFE constructor initializationClosedBenni Mack

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Revision 0d2e6169 (diff)
Added by Benni Mack 10 months ago

[!!!][TASK] Move Frontend User session saving into Middleware

For further TSFE-related changes, the frontend request
workflow now stores user-/session-related information
in the middleware.

This is a first step in order to reduce the dependencies
of TSFE + FrontendUserAuthentication.

This patch is breaking as certain hooks (like EOFE)
do not have session data stored anymore.

Related: #88540
Resolves: #88541
Releases: master
Change-Id: I1e9a66b759d6edfd4c0e5a8ede02aa7a73b65b0f
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closing this umbrella task for the time being

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