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Improve user experience for ajax request in the list module

Added by Oliver Bartsch over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Recently some editors were affected by an improvable user experience in the list module.

If one clicks a button on a record row, which triggers an ajax request, multiple times, the request of course gets executed multiple times. This is very bad behaviour. In the specific case an editor wanted to localize a record by clicking the flag button in the record row. Because the default record had many relations the operation took some time. The editor didn't get feedback for the running operation. This is why he clicks the button again and again. This leds to a couple of errors:
  • huge number of duplicated relations within the localized record
  • multiple error messages e.g. "Translation for record X already exists"
  • lose the possibility to edit the record because of his many relations (Timeout on opening the record)

Surely this is not a bug, but bad user experience.

Therefor I would suggest some feedback for the editor like a "loading spinner" while the operation is ongoing or simply disabling the button after it was clicked once to protect the editor from performing the same operation multiple times.

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