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TypoScript Template Constant Editor flushes to many caches, results in slow frontend responses due to DI rebuild

Added by Benjamin Franzke 4 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Reported by Simon Schaufelberger via Slack channel #psr11-initiative:

Sunday, August 4th 3:21 pm

The problem also is that the DI cache gets flushed way too often.
I just saved a typoscript constant in the template module and the whole cache was empty again afterwards.
Wondering why the DI cache needs to get flushed in such a case

The reason is the usage of clear_cacheCmd('all') which flushes all core caches like ext_localconf and DI cache.
Also opcache is flushed. These caches are unaffected by TypoScript Template change.s

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Revision 25a8b704 (diff)
Added by Benjamin Franzke 3 months ago

[TASK] Consolidate cache clearing in TypoScript edit backend controllers

The TypoScript editing module "Template" currently has different
cache flush behaviours, depending on how the data is being modified:

a) The DataHandler cache command 'all' is triggered when a TypoScript
constant is changed via the ObjectBrowser or ConstantEditor
controllers and when a new sys_template record is created.
b) Tag-based cache clearing in group 'pages' is performed by the
DataHandler when a TypoScript template is edited via
"Edit the whole template record" button.
Note: This is because the edit functionality is using
the plain record_edit FromEngine controller which means
EXT:tstemplate controllers only act as proxy here.

Note that both cases are wrong for sys_template records:

  • Case a) flushes too many caches:
    The DataHandler cache command 'all' flushes TCA, ext_localconf and
    Dependency Injection caches – since #75581 even opcache caches.
    All these (performance relevant) caches are never influenced by
    TypoScript and must not be flushed in production systems
    (results in slow responses due to cache rebuilds).
  • Case b) flushes too few caches:
    A sys_template record influences (in 99.9% cases) the page tree.
    By flushing the record via DataHandler tag flushed there
    are two caches being flushed: * pageId_[pidOfSysTemplateRecord] * sys_template_[uidOfSysTemplateRecord] * sys_template
    Non of these tags are assigned to page caches that rely on this
    sys_template record.

There are two options to consolidate cache clearing:

  • Use DataHandler tag-based flushing as in case b).
    The drawback: generates a lot of cache tags which
    are then flushed very rarely.
  • Flush the 'pages' cache group in both cases. This variant
    flushes a bit too much (of course, tags are more precise),
    as pages which did not rely on a currently modified
    sys_template record are flushed as well.

This change implements the latter option as we think the drawbacks of
flushing a bit too much is better than the drawback of generating a
ton of cache tags.
As all cases where the cache command 'all' was used, already modify
sys_template though DataHandler processing, we can remove the previous
cache commands and move the flush logic for all cases into a hook that
is triggered by the DataHandler when records are being created/changed.

Releases: master
Resolves: #89280
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