Bug #92306

Field with dbType = 'time' and eval 'time' not saved correctly to the database

Added by Thorben Nissen about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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When using native timefield in database and input with eval 'time', the entered value is not correctly saved in the database. When showing the form again, that wrong value from the database is shown.

When the field is changed, the new value is internally stored as an integer in the backend interface. When submitted it is then used as date string, when converting the field value to a timestamp, which leads to a wrong datetime.

To reproduce configure a field as follows:
  • database field is set to time
  • field TCA type set to input
  • field TCA dbType set to time
  • field TCA eval set to time

This behaviour is present in v9, v10 and master.


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