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Identical slugs: Appendix stops at "-100"

Added by Florian Seirer about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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If I have more than 100 pages with identical page titles (eg. "test") within the same parent page, the first page gets the slug "test", the second page gets "test-1" and so forth until page #101.
Page #101 doesn't get "test-100" but "test-28a801015d" instead as slug value.

What's even worse: All following pages get the same slug as page #101, making them inaccessible. Regenerating the slug for those pages doesn't really help, it just appends "-" to "test-28a801015d".
I can manually change the slug to "test-100", but editors shouldn't have to worry about this, IMO.

Although that scenario is not a typical use case, I initially found that same behavior with the news extension and its path_segment field on an TYPO3 installation with 25k+ news records. About 300 of them had the exact same slug/path_segment (maybe an error during update to TYPO3 9 from TYPO3 8, i don't know), and only the first 100 records could be fixed.

Different extension, I know, but this lead me to try the same with pages. I could replicate this on TYPO3 9.5.22 using the "create multiple pages"-wizard in the context menu of the page tree.

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