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Page history does not show changes from translated pages

Added by Jigal van Hemert over 2 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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While it's technically understandable it's not clear for editors.

Steps to reproduce:
  • create a page and one or more translations
  • change something in the page properties and in the page properties of the translation(s)
  • use the context menu in the page tree and select "History/Undo"

The Changelog only lists changes in the page record in the default language.

If you open History/Undo on the parent page the changelog shows the changes in the sub page(s) in all languages.

Technically it's correct that the changelog shows the changes on the page itself and the records in that page. For editors a translated page is not a separate record but a variation of the current page. They expect the changes to be listed in the changelog.

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Actions #1

Updated by Jigal van Hemert almost 2 years ago

A closer look at what the record history shows brings up more illogical choices (at least from the point of view of the editor).

It would probably be a good solution to implement this behaviour:

1. Because the pagetree only shows pages in the default language selecting History from the context menu should show history from:

  • the selected `pages` record
  • the translations of the selected `pages` record
  • any records in all languages which have the selected `pages` record as 'pid'

2. Because the Page module shows the page for a particular language selecting History from the context menu of the page in a language should show history from:

  • the selected `pages` record
  • any records in the language of the selected `pages` record that have the corresponding `pages` record in the default language as 'pid'

This way the editor sees the history of records in the selected language, except from the pagetree where they see the history of records of all languages.
The context menu of the pagetree needs to be changed to communicate that history from all languages should be displayed. The RecordHistory class can act accordingly and should also assume that if the given element is a pages record that only the sub elements from the same language as the element should be gathered.

Actions #2

Updated by Benni Mack 12 months ago

  • Sprint Focus set to On Location Sprint
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Updated by Markus Klein 3 months ago

  • Related to Bug #103585: History of content element does not show image deletions added

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