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13:30 Core Bug #81646: Linkhandler tabs missing
Ok, I cleared browse cache and cookies and now it works like a charm. Thank you!
09:09 Core Bug #81645: 8.7.2: Backend is scrambled
After clearing cookies and app data it works, thank you.
Maybe this should be mentioned in the upgrade section of [...
08:22 Core Bug #81646 (Closed): Linkhandler tabs missing
When linking text with CKEditor in TYPO3 8.7.2 all linkhandler tabs except the custom ones are missing.
07:44 Core Bug #81645 (Resolved): 8.7.2: Backend is scrambled
After login the backend is loaded twice (Chrome on OS X). Firefox looks good. Restarting browser didn’t help.


12:11 Core Bug #81417 (Closed): Record preview leads to error &cHash empty
The TCEMAIN.preview setting generates a link without chash so the opened page throws an error (&cHash empty)


06:15 Core Bug #81386 (New): Preview language setting not always set
The language getvar ist not always added to preview urls. Since the BE default language uid can differ from the DE de...


11:13 Core Bug #81353: Query errors in StaticRecordCollection
To sort the found records add...
11:10 Core Bug #81353 (Under Review): Query errors in StaticRecordCollection
Using the StaticRecordCollection leads to sql errors and wont find the right results (8.7.1).
change line 163


17:21 Core Bug #81247 (New): DatabaseRecordLinkBuilder: External pageTs not loaded
When I put my linkhandler pageTs configuration in an external file and linking, it wont be found when the link gets r...


09:36 Core Bug #78661: RTE Image file selection not possible when thumbnails activated
In 7.6.16 it works for me too so this issue can be closed.

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