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14:04 Core Bug #79354: PageRepository::getPage fails in Backend context
Hi. It would be great if it is possible to use getPages and getPagesOverlay also in backend context again. Maybe in s...
13:20 powermail Bug #80646: Captcha Image src = (unknown)
Great. Thanks a lot.
10:34 powermail Bug #80646: Captcha Image src = (unknown)
Hi, thanks for your fast resonse.
Original templates, the current Version 2.. It's only the view helper. The curre...
10:27 powermail Bug #80646 (Resolved): Captcha Image src = (unknown)
I can't see an captcha image. I debug the source code and in the CalculatingCaptchaService.php in the functio...


11:13 [clickstorm] SEO Suggestion #80411: Add flag to exclude page from sitemap.xml
Hi Matthias,
you can set the detail page to no index, than it also not appears in the sitemap.xml. Than you have 2 o...


16:16 Google Maps API Extbase Feature #80182: Show sortet address list like in backend flexform
the order is not ignored by showing addresses next to the map. Is it important anywhere else?
Kind regards,


16:32 [clickstorm] SEO Bug #79371: Error in composer.json
Hi. Thanks for the hint. On packagist the name is typo3/cms -> In this docu...
11:13 Google Maps API Extbase Support #79308 (Closed): Create new address or category in list view
Ok :)


08:53 [clickstorm] SEO Bug #79021: Page properties can not opened if expiration date of the page lies in the past
Hi, in my setup everything is ok. Even if I set...


09:19 [clickstorm] SEO Bug #78710: Wrong og:title tag in combination with articles from EXT:news
Yes, you can use TypoScript

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