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09:19 Google Maps API Extbase Bug #71776: Die angebene Adresse wird nicht angezeigt
Ja gerne.
Mail an


10:55 Google Maps API Extbase Bug #71776 (Needs Feedback): Die angebene Adresse wird nicht angezeigt
Bitte verwende die aktuelle Version und gehe die Schritte im Handbuch durch. Du musst wenigstens eine Adresse der Kar...


09:13 Google Maps API Extbase Support #71227 (Needs Feedback): Create map with php
maybe you can write me a mail with more details. E.g. do you have a longitude and latitude defined in your lo...
09:09 Grid Elements Support #71305 (Resolved): Add Flexform Path to Page TSConfig settings
thanks for your great work until now. We would like to configure new elements via page tsconfig. That works g...


09:18 Google Maps API Extbase Bug #70757 (Needs Feedback): Markers from KML-File
I only set the URL of the file in the JS:...
08:52 powermail Feature #71084 (Rejected): Costum optin text
It would be a nice feature if also the optin text is a text field in the plugin flexform. In a lot of our priojects w...


10:46 Google Maps API Extbase Bug #69042 (Resolved): styledMapCode is not applied


14:03 Core Bug #70154 (New): Extbase 'sorting' l10nmode
When I use in the TCA ctrl-section of an item
'sortby' => 'sprting'
the translated items are on the same posit...


14:47 powermail Bug #69998 (Resolved): Multiple Double Opt-In on the same page
I have a page with two different registration forms. Both of them must be confirmed via double opt-in. When I click o...


13:18 Google Maps API Extbase Bug #69042 (Needs Feedback): styledMapCode is not applied
please take a look in the documentation. You hav to select the map type "styled map".

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