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14:02 NN Address Bug #69343 (Needs Feedback): Support for TYPO3 7.x
14:02 NN Address Bug #69343: Support for TYPO3 7.x
a GIT Repository is now available here:
Feel free to pull, push, mer...


09:56 NN Address Bug #69343: Support for TYPO3 7.x
Dear Markus,
thank you for your work. I think it's the best way if i'll create a github project with the current T...


09:47 TYPO3 Core Bug #80031 (Closed): pages SYS_LASTCHANGED not updated when FAL Reference changed
The field SYS_LASTCHANGED will be updated if the content or the page has changed. But if you replace an image, like i...


08:43 NN Address Feature #77157 (Needs Feedback): Select fields for list view
I think that should blow up the template. How do you think about Template Selection like Powermail?


10:25 NN Address Feature #69986 (Under Review): Custom fields in search form
Thank you for your feature request. We will check it, how it should be possible or the upcoming new version (with 7.x...
10:24 NN Address Feature #69625 (Accepted): Multiple list plugins on one page (list by groups)
10:23 NN Address Bug #75941 (Under Review): Fatal error: Call to a member function getChildGroups()
Thank you we will check it for the upcoming new version (as fast as possible)
10:21 NN Address Bug #69343: Support for TYPO3 7.x
An fully rewrite with brand new features and 7.x and 8.x support is starting soon and hopefully finished as fast as p...


13:49 Content Designer Bug #75193 (Closed): PHP Warning array_keys

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