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23:07 powermail Task #59421: Misspelling in locallang.xlf and de.locallang.xlf
Here's a patch to fix the issues.
22:51 powermail Task #59421 (Resolved): Misspelling in locallang.xlf and de.locallang.xlf
irreversibel should be spelled irreversible


18:56 Installation and Upgrade Guide Task #51475: Use PHP 5.5 zend opcache with typo3 > TYPO3_6.1
It seems I'm experiencing the same issues, but setting revalidate_freq=0 didn't seem to solve my problem. Nevertheles...


01:30 powermail Bug #40426: If marker (or anything else) is entered in Sender e-mail address, weird substitution ...
Bjoern Jacob wrote:
> Maybe I'm getting the labels wrong. We're on the sender's tab. In my understanding I'm changin...


01:32 Core Bug #32343: Default value for url_scheme
Felix Nagel wrote:
> Please note there is a (sleeping) mailing list thread for this issue which includes some import...


23:24 Introduction Package Bug #34959: login not working right after install
Boris Hinzer wrote:
> I've setup TYPO3 introduction package 4.6.6 twice to make sure that this is really a bug.
> W...


03:40 Advanced Frontend Editing Bug #13426: feeditadvanced and TYPO3 4.5 – tt_news edit provokes TYPO3 Error
This worked for me:...
03:00 Advanced Frontend Editing Bug #13030: ajaxRequestUrl (index.php) requested from subdirectory if realurl is used
I also am using realurl and noticed the feeditadvanced only worked on the homepage of the website "/". I suspected t...


20:49 Core Bug #25164: Copy & Paste: "Validating the security token of this form has failed. Please reload t...
I am also getting this error seemingly randomly in the backend of this website:
I haven'...


19:43 Core Bug #23081: TYPO3 login expiration Dialog appears again and agian
Here's my scenario...
* Our web development company website is running TYPO3 in the root ...

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