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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
70532 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveCleanup license header in JavaScript filesWouter Wolters
70531 CoreFeatureUnder ReviewMust haveRequireJS module for split buttonsAndreas FernandezModuleTemplateAPI7 LTS
70530 CoreBugNewMust haveIRRE foreign_selector with foreign_where and ###REC_FIELD_* markersChristian KuhnBackend API7 LTS
70529 BE Secure PasswordBugNewMust haveModule: Backend Users: No validation or message shownNo
70528 powermailBugNewShould haveFatal Error after Submit in SafariNo
70526 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveLocation of formatToPageTypeMapping option
70525 CoreBugNewMust haveSupport for reverseProxySSL brokenBenni MackBackend Routing + Entryscripts
70524 news extensionBugNewMust haveExtending news models in psr-2 failsCoreNo
70523 CoreBugNewShould haveprocessForeignTableClause in case of array should be a comma separated list (e.g. MM relations)Christian KuhnBackend API7 LTS
70522 CoreBugNewShould haveprocessSelectFieldValue needs to happen before any processForeignTableClause is calledChristian KuhnBackend API
70521 Calendar BaseBugNewMust haveDates in "Event Record" BE Edit Page interpreted incorrectlyTYPO3 Core Support1.10.1
70520 CoreBugNewShould haveTitle of uploaded file shows UID by defaultFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
70512 cb_indexedsearch_autocompleteBugNewShould haveMissing condition jQueryLoadedExternally?
70510 CoreBugNewShould haveAbout and About modules (and more?) still show "path" in upper right7 LTS
70507 Calendar BaseBugNewShould haveMigrate file relations fails on filenames starting with number
70504 CoreBugNewShould haveAllow for selective processing of columns/fieldsFormEngine aka TCEforms7 LTS
70503 CoreTaskNewShould haveEXT:form - Remove breakOnError option from wizard and add documentationForm Wizard7 LTS
70502 CoreBugNewShould haveEXT:form - selected attribute not renderedForm Wizard7 LTS
70501 CoreBugNewMust haveCropping a png with transparency looses transparency
70500 CoreBugNewShould haveEXT:form - Having only a FILEUPLOAD element breaks formForm Wizard7 LTS
70499 and community toolsFeatureNewShould haveAdd Slack Name to Userprofile_pending
70498 CoreBugNewShould haveThe CategoryRepository should obey the sorting fieldExtbase
70496 powermailTaskUnder ReviewShould haveMake upload folder handling more robustFrontend PluginNo
70495 AdminerFeatureNewShould haveDatabase PortNo
70494 CoreBugNewMust haveAbstractFormElement opening IRRE via ajax fails if it contains thumbnails because $GLOBALS['SOBE'] is not setBackend API7 LTS

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