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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
69443 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveFatal error in indexed search pibased pluginTymoteusz Motylewski
69442 Calendar BaseBugNewMust havecreate event time_start time_end wrong timestampMario MatzullaGeneral Handling1.10.0
69441 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveRemove additional class settingFrank NäglerBackend API7.5
69440 Amazon S3 FAL DriverBugNewMust haveMethod deleteFile doesn't return booleanMarkus Hölzle
69439 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveEnhance SQL query reduction in page tree in workspacesWorkspaces
69438 LDAP / SSO AuthenticationBugNewShould haveOption FEfailsafe missing
69437 Direct MailBugNewShould haveanalyseReturnError, mailserver alayws Qmail
69436 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)BugNewMust haveAuthorisation for non admin to edit DCE content
69433 CoreBugNewMust haveForms: wizard does not load or save values for fields "Message" and "Error"Sebastian WagnerForm Wizard
69432 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust havePrototype leftover "without" in jsfunc.inline.jsAndreas FernandezBackend User Interface7.5
69431 eventnewsBugNewMust haveTranslation Bug for EventsGeorg RingerNo
69430 commerceBugNewShould havestoreSessionData error - CheckoutController.phpBug
69429 get.typo3.orgBugNewShould have6.2.14 doesn't seem to be reachable via get.
69428 Extension BuilderBugNewMust haveTypo3 7.4.0 breaks by dropping prototype.js fileBackend Interface
69426 Direct MailSupportNew-- undefined --Special query
69425 powermailBugNewShould haveUncaught TYPO3 Exception "Missing argument 1 for In2code\Powermail\Domain\Model\Field::getDataTypeFromFieldType()"Alex KellnerNo
69424 powermailFeatureNewShould haveAllow additional where clause on dbEntry.ifUnique optionFrontend PluginYes
69423 CoreFeatureNewShould haveCSC-Menu should have class "active" for active Element
69420 Feature-RequestsFeatureNewShould haveScheduler - Importer Task
69419 Slick - jQuery CarouselFeatureNewShould haveTemplate for tt_newsDirk Wildt2.1.0
69418 Slick - jQuery CarouselFeatureNewShould haveNew content element [Slick: Slide Show]Dirk Wildt2.0.0
69417 CoreBugNewMust haveInline Element doesn't open in Internet ExplorerBackend User Interface
69416 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould havemake AbstractPlugin::pi_loadLL load labels from custom fileTymoteusz Motylewski
69413 news extensionSupportNewShould have Load a news list module inside a fluid template from another ext ?No
69411 docs.typo3.orgBugNewShould haveContribute page on refers to old workflow

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