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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
79358 Page Teaser (with Fluid)SupportNewShould havesupport of fluid_styled_content
79357 Server TeamTaskAcceptedMust haveFix spam on EAB + BCC mailing listsMichael Stucki
79356 CoreFeatureNewShould haveConsider menu states for FSC Menu ViewHelperBenni MackFluid Styled Content
79355 JH CaptchaBugNewMust haveMandatory captcha field not working in PowerMail
79354 CoreBugNewShould havePageRepository::getPage fails in Backend contextBackend API
79353 MOVED TO havePublish date field is not working at news extensionGeorg RingerBackendNo
79352 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User RegistrationBugNewShould haveRemove unnecessary double jquery inclusion in backend layoutNo
79350 CoreFeatureNewCould haveMake "RECORDS" know more about it's contents8 LTS
79348 CoreBugNewShould haveLocalization in TyposcriptFrontendController only allows defined Backend-Languages in TYPO3\CMS\Core\Localization\Locales
79347 CoreBugNewShould haveDB Check causes Php warning in QueryBuilder
79345 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveExchange usage of $GLOBALS['LOCKED_RECORDS'] with a runtime cache
79343 CoreFeatureUnder ReviewShould haveAllow to override PATH_site via environment variablesBenni MackSystem/Bootstrap/Configuration8.6
79342 Server TeamFeatureNewShould havesite-proxytypo3org: Support vhost deletion
79338 Page Teaser (with Fluid)BugNewShould havePHP warning on "getCustomAttribute" call in model Page
79337 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveAdd useCacheHash parameter to f:link.typolink and f:uri.typolink
79336 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould havePage module: Better visualization of records being currently editedAndreas FernandezBackend User Interface8 LTS
79335 CoreFeatureNewCould haveAdd pageaction "clear recycler" to context menu of recycler (doktype 255)
79333 wt_spamshieldTaskNewMust haveMake extension compatible with TYPO3 7.6Next feature release
79332 Translation TeamTaskOn HoldShould haveAdd "facebookpage" extension to the translation serverXavier Perseguers
79331 CoreTaskNewShould haveAdd SystemStatusCheck for libpq (and server?) versionMorton JonuschatInstall Tool8 LTS
79330 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveExtbase getObjectCountByQuery returns wrong resultsMorton JonuschatExtbase8.6
79329 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould havereturn_id param passed to permissions module is not evaluatedFrank NaeglerBackend API
79328 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)SupportNewShould haveApplying DCE changes from Development to Production environment
79324 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust havePostgreSQL: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x00Morton JonuschatDatabase API8.6
79323 Sphinx Python Documentation GeneratorBugUnder ReviewShould haveCould not find any version of Sphinx

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