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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
80022 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveDateTime parse error on edit pages field newUntilBackend API8 LTS
80021 CoreBugNewShould haveparseFunc features missing from CE-Table after SecurityFix
80020 CoreBugNewShould havelink wizard popup - linkhandler search form may overlapBackend User Interface
80018 CoreTaskNewShould haveDeprecate usage of EXT:rsaauthSecurity9.0
80017 CoreTaskNewShould haveSecurity: Do not send password hashes when editing user recordsSecurity8 LTS
80016 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould havePerformance improvement for locallang.xml parser by avoiding xpathStephan GroßberndtPerformance
80015 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveRemove unused TCA property from irre_tutorialAnja LeichsenringCode Cleanup
80014 CoreTaskUnder ReviewMust haveRemove extbase ensureCorrectPostOrderingByCategoryTitle testMorton JonuschatTests8 LTS
80013 Advanced Banner ManagementFeatureNewMust haveTypo3 7.6 compatible version
80012 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould havelink wizard popup overlaps content when width becomes too smallBackend User Interface8 LTS
80011 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveRTE link wizard: 'Style' does not use bootstrap layout8 LTS
80010 CoreTaskNewShould haveRemove temporary solution for comparing BLOBS9.0
80009 CoreBugNewMust haveCan't edit PageTS-Config of Backend LayoutsBackend User Interface
80008 CoreBugNewMust haveAvoid warning dialog when closing records with start-, endtime values8 LTS
80007 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveMove methods for importing fixtures from CSV file to FunctionalTestCase
80006 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User RegistrationBugNewShould haveIssue on Classes/Domain/Service/SendMailService.php, no content objectNo
80005 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveNo confirmation needed to install incompatible extensionsNicole CordesExtension Manager8 LTS
80004 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)FeatureNewShould haveAdd custom tab to DCA TCAArmin Vieweg
80003 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)FeatureNewShould haveCustom template locationArmin Vieweg
80002 CoreBugNewShould haveIf by userTS avatar is disabled, it gets lost when user saves his accountBackend User Interface8 LTS
80001 CoreBugNewMust haveWorkspace email notification contains preview link ony to the first page in the list of changed dataWorkspacesnext-patchlevel
79999 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveIRRE parent config in Ajax calls is broken8 LTS
79997 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveFix dynamic variable name parts in Fluid8 LTS
79996 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveUpdate lowlevel's readmeGeorg RingerDocumentation8 LTS
79994 CoreFeatureNewMust haveScaling of images and subsequent cutting/croppingBackend User Interface8 LTS

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