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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
66517 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)BugNewShould haveOnly the last required input field is checked
66516 Direct MailBugNewShould haveDirect Mail Runs with Typo3 version 7?
66515 Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMSBugNewShould haveFiles in file_collections could not be indexed in Page contextEXT:solrfalYes
66513 CoreBugNewShould haveRTE Wrap everything instead of the marked textrtehtmlarea6.2.12
66511 Grid ElementsBugAcceptedMust havePaste a copied/cutted element in an empty columnJo HasenauUI & UXNo
66510 CoreBugNewShould haveAdd quotes to dynamic values in thrown exceptionsCode Cleanup
66507 CoreBugNeeds FeedbackShould haveFAL metadata empty in reference from read only storageFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
66506 Direct MailBugUnder ReviewShould haveFatal Error in DirectMailUtility::getCharacterSetOfPageBug
66505 TYPO3.SurfFeatureUnder ReviewShould haveAdd option to specify SSH private key for nodes
66504 git.typo3.orgBugAcceptedMust haveRepositories can't be cloned due to git-daemon-export-ok being created at wrong locationPeter Niederlag
66503 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveCore: Error handler (FE): PHP Warning: sem_get(): failed for key 0xbaa3533: No space left on deviceMarkus KleinFrontend7.2 (Frontend)
66502 news extensionBugNewShould haveUnable to edit news item if related file(s) are deleted.No
66500 CoreBugNeeds FeedbackShould haveLink-Wizard in IE and McAfee Add-OnBackend User Interface
66499 CoreBugNeeds Feedback-- undefined --double site titleFrontend
66498 CoreBugNewMust haveLink ViewHelper in Widget View and Backend ContextFluid
66496 CoreBugAcceptedMust haveRTE images from storages not being in ['BE']['fileadminDir'] are not prefixed with absRefPrefixFrontendnext-patchlevel
66495 CoreFeatureNewCould haveHook for clear opcode cache
66493 LDAP / SSO AuthenticationFeatureNewCould haveMatch groups by attributes not only by dn
66492 LDAP / SSO AuthenticationFeatureNewCould havePossibility to merge extra field using regular expression for the replacement
66491 powermailFeatureOn HoldShould haveShow labels instead of values (check, select, radio) in FE and mails but save valueAlex KellnerFrontend PluginWaiting for SponsoringNo
66490 commerceBugNewMust haveUpdate Script can't be loaded since TYPO3 6.2.12Bug
66489 TEQneers SEO EnhancementsBugNewMust havePagetitle Suffix is shown twiceGeneral
66488 LDAP / SSO AuthenticationBugNewShould haveSSO delay 5-6 secondsXavier Perseguers
66485 tt_newsBugNewMust have"Import selection" in T3 Element Browser for Media Images doeas not workRupert Germann
66484 Static Info TablesBugNewMust haveMissing in TCA option in manual example

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