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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
81087CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveFilelist: cannot delete a folder where there is a file that was referenced onceFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
81086CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:recycler minor ux issuesDaniel Windloff
81085Server TeamTaskNewShould haveGerrit-LDAP: Drop all Gerrit pre-LDAP-auth quirks
81084Server TeamTaskNeeds FeedbackShould haveGerrit-LDAP: Discuss Gerrit version ugprade
81083Server TeamTaskNewShould haveGerrit-LDAP: Investigate Gerrit groups when switching to LDAP
81082Server TeamTaskNewShould haveGerrit-LDAP: Configure Gerrit to use LDAP
81081Server TeamEpicNewShould haveGerrit-LDAP: Switch Gerrit to LDAP auth
81080CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:scheduler:action icons and sorting
81079CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:beuser: Remove item from compare listDaniel WindloffBackend User Interface
81078Server TeamTaskNewShould haveGenerate separate host names for Monitoring server
81077Server TeamTaskNewShould haveCreate separate host names for LDAP server
81076Server TeamTaskOn HoldShould haveCreate new hosts with host name
81075Server TeamTaskOn HoldShould haveGet a wildcard cert for *
81074Server TeamTaskNewShould haveGenerate host name entries in site-nstypo3org
81073Server TeamEpicNewShould haveUse * as internal DNS zone
81070CoreBugNewMust haveUpdate extension list in EM causes 100% CPU load for very long timeExtension Manager
81069Sphinx Python Documentation GeneratorBugNewShould haveUpdate script: Wrong regex when getting available Sphinx version
81068CoreBugNewShould haveDistributions can only be installed in the latest versionExtension Manager
81065Minifier for TYPO3BugNewMust haveWrong paths after CSS kompression
81063Server TeamTaskNewShould haveLDAP attributes for usersBastian Bringenberg
81061CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveUse fluid inline style syntax in html attributeFluid
81060CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould have Move ExtDirect component registration to EXT:backendBenni MackBackend APICore - 9.0
81059Translation TeamTaskNewShould haveAdd "cdsrc_bepwreset" extension to translation server
81058BE User Password ResetFeatureNewShould haveTranslationsMarkus Poerschke
81057CoreBugUnder ReviewShould havepageTS is only loaded when BE user is logged inBenni MackLink HandlingCore - next-patchlevel
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