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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
82174Translation TeamBugNewShould haveMissing translation on Core changes
82171CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveCGL fixes after upgrade to php-cs-fixer 1.4
82167Translation TeamBugNewShould haveTranslations in TYPO3.core.frontend
82166CoreBugNeeds Feedback-- undefined --logic BUG in CacheManager::getCache()Caching
82163tt_addressBugNewShould haveWrong picture in Frontend
82161CoreBugNewShould haveExtbase Change of behaviour when fetching translated records between v7 and v8
82160CoreBugNewShould haveUncaught Exception in Environment ModuleCore - 9.0
82159CoreBugNewMust haveGROUP BY support broken in TCA foreign_table_where
82156t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordionsBugNewShould haveStyles not loaded correctly
82152CoreBugNewMust haveDB compare response shown twiceChristian KuhnInstall ToolCore - 9.0
82149CoreBugUnder ReviewMust have\TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Controller\TypoScriptFrontendController::setAbsRefPrefix is missing a leading / in directory search patternsWolfgang KlingerFrontend
82146CoreBugNewShould haveData is lost on flexform field with renderType selectTree if form not fully loaded when saving
82143CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveUpdate CKEDITOR to 4.7.2Anders KostendingBackend JavaScriptCore - 9 LTS
82142CoreBugNewShould havePHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in PreparedStatement.php line 419Database API
82135CoreBugNewMust haveImprove "create new admin user" in Install ToolInstall Tool
82134CoreBugAcceptedMust haveChanged content of Install-Tool items not visibleInstall ToolCore - 9.0
82133Calendar BaseBugNewShould haveMissing column be_groups.tx_cal_calendar_subscription
82132Static Info TablesBugNewMust haveComposer install fails with additional languages required at the same timeStanislas Rolland
82131CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveGeneralUtility::makeInstance() should throw exception on unknown classMathias BrodalaCore - 9.0
82130CoreBugNewMust haveInline record for NEW tt_content element becomes sys_language_uid=-1FormEngine aka TCEforms
82129Grid ElementsBugNewMust haveDragging an element with translation doesn't update tx_gridelements_container in translated elements
82128CoreBugNeeds FeedbackShould haveDatabase migration/analyzer fail on VARCHAR default NULL
82127CoreBugNewShould haveSetting QuerySettings->LanguageUid to other than default causes Exception in BE Context
82126CoreBugAcceptedShould haveEXT:belog - Error when using a custom timeframe
82123Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)BugNeeds FeedbackShould haveBackend - Labels for Conent ElementsJonas S. S.
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