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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
66614 CoreBugAcceptedShould haveFAL processed files are deletedMarkus KleinFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
66610 LDAP / SSO AuthenticationFeatureUnder ReviewShould haveScheduler task: Only update usersXavier Perseguers3.0.0
66609 FormhandlerBugNewShould haveTx_Formhandler_View_Mail::fillEmbedMarkers()Viewv2.1
66608 CoreFeatureNewMust haveElement browser need some kind of sortingFile Abstraction Layer (FAL)
66607 RSS News FeedBugNewMust haveInvalid RSS crashes whole site’s output
66606 K23 Image CropFeatureNewShould haveIf preset has a configuration for fileName, filename field should use this as default
66605 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveTSFE: config get overridden on cached pageFrontend7.3 (Packages)
66604 wt_twitterBugNewShould haveMissing cache_timeout Default Value ?
66603 K23 Image CropFeatureNewShould haveAllow to use locallang reference for preset label
66602 CoreBugAcceptedMust havePage of type external URL does not redirect to external URL if referrer does not matchFrontendnext-patchlevel
66601 Composer TeamBugNewShould haveCheck if file ext_emconf.php has a leading forward slash when creating the MD5 array
66600 CoreBugNewMust haveExtbase / Filereference / public method of api class changed in patch release, causing fatal errors.Extbasenext-patchlevel
66598 forge.typo3.orgBugNewShould havePlease remove spam user 41708
66597 CoreFeatureNewShould haveAdd possibility to disabled TER download in EMExtension Manager7.3 (Packages)
66596 Connector Services - CSVBugNewShould haveDocumentation typo
66594 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveCategory Mount points - missing hierarchy informationCategorization API7.3 (Packages)
66592 and community toolsBugNewShould haveCheck extension key for an underscore before a number[FOR] TER
66591 Yet another GalleryFeatureNewShould haveAccess to own "File Storages"
66589 CoreFeatureNewShould haveAllow class for flexform sheet tabs in backend for better field formattingForm Wizard
66588 CoreBugNewMust havePOST Data in selectviewhelper should have higher priority than "value" valueFluid
66587 CoreBugNewCould haveScheduler serialized task needs to be migrated for 7.xscheduler
66585 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveShorten namespace for FlashMessage in ext:setup
66583 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveRemove unused CSH initialization in ext:taskcenter
66582 CoreBugNewShould haveCan't Set Page Title After Update In Extbase ControllerExtbase6.2.12
66581 CoreBugNewShould haveExtbase - JsonView: wrong key encoding in array

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