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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
65533 Grid ElementsBugNewMust havePage shortcut don't take care of the language.Jo HasenauFrontendNo
65532 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveFolloup: Make Scheduler tables responsiveAndreas Fernandezscheduler
65530 Language File EditorBugNewMust havePHP Warning on CMS 7.2-dev when entering the schedulerStefan GalinskiGeneral
65529 CoreBugNewMust havehandler_init - wrong management of port if nullDBAL
65527 CoreBugNewMust haveJSONView - _descend not working on multiple objects behind a variableTYPO3 Release TeamExtbase7.1 (Cleanup)
65526 freeCap CAPTCHABugNewShould haveerror with ve_guestbook
65525 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust havemissing spaces and escaping of attributes in FormEngineFrank NäglerFormEngine aka TCEforms7.2 (Frontend)
65524 News eventBugNewShould haveDeclaration createConstraintsFromDemand not compatible with EXT:news - again
65523 AdminerBugNewShould haveAllow to resize the navigation frameNo
65522 AdminerBugNewShould haveIcons missing in the navigation frameNo
65521 Board (public)TaskNewShould havePress workflowDanijela G04 - personal task (wip)2015-Q1
65520 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveMissing check if sys_file_reference is brokenMarkus KleinBackend User Interfacenext-patchlevel
65519 Easylogin with OpenID, OAuth, etc.BugNewShould haveRemove or make wrapinbaseclass optional
65518 YAG - Yet Another GalleryBugNewMust haveCategoryRegistry Warning in typo3.log
65517 Localization Manager (l10nmgr)TaskNewShould haveMake Grid-Localization work with l10nmgrJo HasenauNo
65516 FormhandlerBugNewMust haveSending multiple form whitin a minute fails
65515 Grid ElementsTaskAcceptedShould haveMake Grid-Localization work with l10nmgrJo HasenauLanguage & TranslationNo
65514 pit_googlemapsFeatureNewShould haveShow Route To .. From in InfoWindow labels are hardcoded in php
65513 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveLanguage Override doesn't work if original file isn't available
65511 AutoloaderBugNeeds FeedbackShould haveTranslation of Backend Layout LabelsAlexander GötzNo
65510 Grid ElementsTaskAcceptedMust haveAdapt GE to list view module UI of CMS 7Jo HasenauRefactoring & TestingNo
65509 TemplaVoilaBugAcceptedShould haveClass TYPO3\\CMS\\Core\\Utility\\GeneralUtility' not found in /pi1/class.tx_templavoila_pi1.phpAlexander SchnitzlerFrontend RenderingNo
65507 CoreBugNeeds FeedbackMust havemissing button "Select & upload files" for editors without admin rights
65506 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveLinks inside list elements not working properyNicole CordesContent Renderingnext-patchlevel
65505 CoreFeatureNewShould haveAdd paging for IRRE-records (working with many IRRE-entries)Backend User Interface

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