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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
71991 CoreBugNewShould haveIRRE: Hide record switch does not change hidden field valueFormEngine aka TCEforms
71989 K23 Image CropTaskNewCould have7 LTS compatible version?
71985 CoreBugNewShould haveRTE classes requires doesn't workMathias Schreiber7 LinkhandlerCandidate for patchlevel
71983 CoreBugNewShould haveClose button for temporary web mount inaccessibleBackend User Interface
71981 CoreBugNewMust haveBE Preview of Content Element HTML is not limited in widthBackend User InterfaceCandidate for patchlevel
71979 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveSQL Error in "Page" view using TYPO3 7 LTS and PostgreSQLMorton JonuschatDBALCandidate for patchlevel
71977 CoreBugNewShould haveTCA slider wizard does not work with eval set to double2next-patchlevel
71974 Calendar BaseBugNewShould haveFatal error: Call to a member function format() on a non-object in /typo3conf/ext/cal/Classes/Model/EventModel.php on line 9401.10.2
71973 CoreBugNewShould haveSorting of file relations doesn't have any effect in a workspaceWorkspaces
71972 news extensionBugNewMust have$assignedValues format for signal/Slot dispatching is wrongGeorg RingerNo
71969 CoreBugNeeds FeedbackMust haveButton actions in window of "add-more-news-tag" doesn't work
71968 PHPUnitTaskNewShould haveDrop the @package and @subpackage annotationsgeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71967 PHPUnitTaskNewShould haveConvert ViewHelpers tests to namespacesJonathan IROULINgeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71966 PHPUnitTaskNewShould haveConvert ViewHelpers Fixtures to namespacesJonathan IROULINgeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71965 PHPUnitTaskNewShould haveConvert Service tests to namespacesJonathan IROULINgeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71961 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:lang CodeCleanupMichael OehlhofCode Cleanup
71960 PHPUnitTaskUnder ReviewShould haveConvert Selenium tests to namespacesJonathan IROULINgeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71959 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould haveInstallation: Resolve correct PHP version from version stringNicole Cordes7 Install Improvements7 LTS
71955 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveEXT:lang There should be a little space between the search field and the tableMichael OehlhofBackend User Interface
71953 PHPUnitTaskUnder ReviewShould haveFix PSR-2 codestyle as much as possiblegeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71952 CoreTaskUnder ReviewShould haveRemove NOT NULL from fe_groups text fieldsTomas Norre Mikkelsen
71951 CoreBugNewShould havef:debug() fails when lazy loading properties result in NULLExtbase
71950 CoreBugNewShould havesys_log doesn't show latest sys_history Entry if there are multiply with the same sys_log_uidBackend User InterfaceCandidate for patchlevel
71945 PHPUnitTaskUnder ReviewShould haveRender and close backend module document before starting unit testsHannes Laugeneral bug fixing and cleanup
71940 PHPUnitBugNewMust havePHP crashes are invisible if the "success" checkbox is not checkedgeneral bug fixing and cleanup

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