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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
71873 Accessibility GlossaryTaskNewMust haveCompatibility with TYPO3 7.6 LTS
71872 CoreBugUnder ReviewMust haveSpecial chars in DocHeader are encoded incorrectlyMarkus KleinBackend User Interface7.6.1
71868 Feature-RequestsFeatureNewShould have(Specific) error message if extensions are causing content editing problems
71867 Job FairFeatureNewShould haveEmail notification if FE user creates new job record
71865 Calendar BaseBugNewShould haveFE-Editing: Deleted images are displayed
71864 CoreFeatureNewShould haveAdd signal on login successful/failure and logout7.6.1
71862 Job FairFeatureNewShould haveCreate jobs in FE: Start and end date missing
71860 Grid ElementsBugUnder ReviewShould haveEvery content element are allowed when editing with "language view"Jo HasenauLanguage & TranslationNo
71859 Organiser - responsive TYPO3 for the lobbies and the organisersFeatureAcceptedShould haveDocuments should privided in several languages on the same pageDirk Wildt7.5.0
71857 CoreBugNeeds FeedbackMust haveBackend menue disappears in 7.6.0 with Chrome an Firefox Browser on Win8.1 Backend User Interface
71856 news extensionBugAcceptedShould haveRSS enclosure4.0.1No
71855 FE User ManagementMajor FeatureNewShould haveCompatibility with TYPO3 7 LTS
71853 Amazon S3 FAL DriverFeatureNewCould haveDetermining files content type
71852 wiki.typo3.orgBugNewShould haveSyntax highlighting for TypoScript (<TS> tag) does no longer work (Pygments)
71851 Amazon S3 FAL DriverBugNewShould haveCache-Control header get lost when editing files in TYPO3 Filelist module
71846 CoreBugNewShould haveheader_position has no effect but is visible in TCAFluid Styled Content
71845 LTS Smooth MigrationTaskNewShould haveFatal error for "report" - why?
71843 CoreBugAcceptedMust haveforceAbsoluteUrl has no effectMathias SchreiberCandidate for patchlevel
71842 Documentation RenderingTaskAcceptedShould haveHandling of README.rst
71841 Language SelectionBugNewMust haveWrong reference in TypoScript constants
71840 CoreTaskNewShould haveStyle linkhandlers with Bootstrap8
71839 news extensionBugNewMust haveMissing category tab label in 7.6 LTSBackend4.0.1No
71838 Language DetectionBugNewShould havethere is no 'language_isocode'
71837 Calendar BaseBugNewMust haveCal indexer fails width deleted flag „tx_cal_event_deviation“ tableCalendar Views1.10.2
71836 jQuery ColorboxBugNewShould haveRaise to TYPO3 v. 7.6

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