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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
67879 CoreBugAcceptedMust haveUsing displaycond on switchable controller actions in Flexform with TYPO3 7.3 not possibleChristian KuhnFormEngine aka TCEforms7.4 (Backend)
67876 CoreBugNew-- undefined --FindReplace: Highlighting and saving saves the highlight spansrtehtmlarea
67875 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould havett_content categories field is not registered for all typesCategorization API
67874 CoreBugUnder ReviewShould havescheduler ext_localconf.php overrides pre-populated options/tables arrayscheduler
67873 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User RegistrationBugIn ProgressMust haveTYPO3 7.3 Confirmation e-mail link by administrator generates an error Alex KellnerNext TER Bugfix-VersionNo
67872 powermailBugNewShould haveExport with Extended Export Settings throws ExceptionNo
67871 YAG - Yet Another GalleryBugNewMust haveYAG empty in Internet Explorer 8
67870 Font sizerBugNewShould haveTSConfig pid in MultidomainNo
67868 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User RegistrationBugIn ProgressMust haveTYPO3 7.3 - Plugin View does not offer all tabsAlex KellnerNo
67866 CoreBugAcceptedShould haveinfo module > localization overview throws CSRF protection token exception when adding an alt language pageWouter WoltersBackend User Interface
67865 Calendar BaseBugNewShould haveCreation of recursive categories possible
67862 LDAP / SSO AuthenticationBugNewShould haveRespect REDIRECT_ prefix when reading the REMOTE_USER variable
67860 CoreBugNewMust haveTYPO3 7.3.0 - Image manipulation failsBackend User Interface
67858 CoreBugNewShould haveImage caption vs. description FAL element vs. content elementImage Generation6.2.14
67854 TemplaVoilaBugNewMust haveDrag & Drop of Conten Elements not working1.9.xNo
67852 CoreTaskIn ProgressShould haveRemove jsfunc.evalfield.js from FormEngineFrank NäglerDataHandler aka TCEmain7.4 (Backend)
67851 CoreBugNewShould haveUnable to set multiple recipient adresses in Form WizardForm Wizard
67850 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User RegistrationBugNewMust haveValue for subject in user confirmation mail cannot be overwrittenNo
67848 get.typo3.orgBugNewMust haveVersion Matrix for TYPO3 7 is wrong
67846 Direct MailTaskUnder ReviewShould haveCleanups for 7.3-compatibility
67845 CoreBugNewMust havePage disappers if page is shortcut with shortcut mode "First subpage of selected/current page"Frontend
67844 T3 jQueryBugNewMust haveClass analyzeJQJS not found
67843 CoreBugNewShould haveWrong queries in indexSearchRepositoryIndexed Search6.2.14
67842 Grid ElementsBugOn HoldMust haveDatabaseRecordlist Xclass: instanceof checks should be with Original class insteadNo
67841 Grid ElementsBugOn HoldMust haveGridelements throws warnings if multiple ['typo3/']['actions'] Hooks are usedNo

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