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filter for backend users doesn't work

Added by David Menzel 5 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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I noticed two things using the filter options for backend users and that the filter options might not work like expected:

In the following example the group "R Chefredakteur [ALL]" consists of multiple "role" groups like "R Chefredakteur Site A", "R Chefredakteur Site B", etc.

Several users have the group "R Chefredakteur [ALL]" but when I want to filter for this group, no users are listed in the result list.

Only after I cleared my username by clicking the "x" in the "Benutzername" field the filter works and right after that my name is again in the "Benutzername" field.
I can't clear the "Benutzername" field for good, so the name is present every time and will make the filter not work again the next time.

-> Is it possible that the filter will work even if there is a name in the "Benutzername" field? What pupose has the "Benutzername"-field anyways?

In the next example I wanted to know which users have the group "R Chefredakteur Site A".
Important is here that I expected that the result shows me all users who have either this group directly or indirectly (inherited from another group, e. g. "R Chefredakteure [ALL]").

If I want to filter for group "R Chefredakteur Site A", the list is empty again. The users with that specific group (directly assigned) are only shown after I clear my name in the "Benutzername" field.
Users who inherit that group through a parent group (indirectly assigned) doesn't show up.


Screenshot 2024-01-02 100813.jpg (43.6 KB) Screenshot 2024-01-02 100813.jpg David Menzel, 2024-01-02 09:09
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Updated by Oliver Bartsch 5 months ago

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Hi, I just checked your report but was only able to reproduce the bug (2.) regarding backend group inheritance.

The username field filters for users with the given term in either their userName or realName field.

According to your screenshot, it looks like your browser does auto fill the username field. Could you please check if the reported behaviour does also occur in other browsers and / or incognito mode?

Best, Oli

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Updated by David Menzel 4 months ago ยท Edited

Hi Oli,

user field will be auto filled with username

Firefox incognito mode
worked! user field was empty

First try, same problem. Then I cleared the user field.
2nd log-in no problem anymore, the user field was empty

Chrome incognito mode
worked! user field was empty

Edge/Edge incognito mode
worked! user field was empty

So, the only problem seems to be the Firefox browser, which autofills the username in that field.
Not sure where I can turn it off for this field.

I hope that helps!


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