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recursive pidInList for select in cObj CONTENT

Added by Georg Ringer almost 13 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Until now it is not possible to have a recursive function for the pidInlist which is often quite helpful to find records in a whole page tree.

(issue imported from #M7921)


patch-recursive content.patch (750 Bytes) patch-recursive content.patch Administrator Admin, 2008-03-21 16:56
patch-recursive-content2.patch (787 Bytes) patch-recursive-content2.patch Administrator Admin, 2008-08-15 02:05

Updated by Peter Niederlag almost 13 years ago

Of course this would be a nice improvement for 4.x

but just as a note, since pidInList has .stdWrap properties of course you can build a recursive puidInList yourself by some TypoScript (and don't need a userFunc!).

I admit it is not an easy solution but works, sry don't have any example at hand right now.



Updated by Georg Ringer almost 13 years ago

Hi Peter! Yeah of course you could to it with some TS, probably via a cObj CONTENT or whatever but the userfunc would still be the shorter and easier solution. of course the ts setting recursive =2 would be just the best. It will go into 4.3 as some other things I got in my mind ;) (hopefully)


Updated by Christian Kuhn over 12 years ago

Attached a new patch with minor modifications:

- Fixed a parse error due to a missing closing braket
- Fixed minor CGL whitespace issues
- Added an isset to the if statement

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