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[Feature request] Add return_url to link even though page doesn't link to restricted page

Added by Soren Malling about 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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This is a feature request:

When creating a link in RTE it would be great to have the possibility of adding the current page to the link as a return_url GET parameter.

Ex. if linking to a login page, from one page. Because the login page isn't restrictd, you don't get the return_url GET parameter, and the user will then have to take action in order to get back to the correct page

Add a checkbox to the link generator, where you can tick of "Add current page as return_url" (or something similar) which then add the current page to the created link

I would like to try and write the patch, as we are in need of this function in a project I'm working on, but i would like to hear whether or not this function could be interesting for the rtehtmlarea extension?

(issue imported from #M13994)


Updated by Stanislas Rolland about 11 years ago

If this is a very occasionnal need, you can enable the additional parameters field, and the author can then enter manually the return url as


Or, would you have such a need for many links?


Updated by Soren Malling about 11 years ago

How are the additional parameter fields enabled?

I see it as a usability thing, so the current page is automaticly appended to the url, without the user to take any other action than ticking of a box


Updated by Stanislas Rolland about 11 years ago

In PageTSConfig, you can set:
RTE.default.buttons.link.queryParametersSelector.enabled = 1

If you want to provide a patch for the feature, you are most welcome. Feature freeze for TYPO3 4.4 is on April 13. If you want to have it in this release, it would have to be done this week. The affected script is mod3/class.tx_rtehtmlarea_browse_links.php.

I think it would be better to make the name of the parameter configurable.


Updated by Soren Malling about 10 years ago

Please close this issue, the queryParametersSelector property solves the problem :)


Updated by Susanne Moog almost 10 years ago

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