Bug #4681

unclear wording and maybe another error too

Added by Georg Ringer almost 12 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I am trying to get a new task and something fails and the error msg says: "Execution of task "check4 exts - server (check4exts)" failed with the following message: Task failed to execute successfully. Class: tx_check4exts_server, UID: 3"

1st problem: wording: UID 3 is nice but in the view "scheduled task" there is no column "uid". So either delete the information from the error text or better add the uid col to the table. This doesn't need much space but would be certainly nice.

2nd problem: after creating the task I get the error message "The selected task class could not be found. You should probably contact the task's developers." The problem is that this message won't be shown to the user again anymore! If the user proceeds, there is no way to get to this message anymore without deleting the task and create it again. if this error is so important it should be stated somewhere again or the task won't be created.

funny 3rd problem: the task works, cause a mail function inside the execute() sends me a mail but I still get the error in the backend (as written in the beginning of the report here)


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