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Task #49162: Rewrite install tool

Disable certain tools in Install Tool if "LocalConfiguration" is not writeable

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 7 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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If you go to All Configuration or Configuration Presets while your LocalConfiguration.php file is not writeable, you will end up in the redirect to the "Extension check", which is misleading and doesn't help the user understand the problem.

We should

a) provide a Folder Structure check to see if LocalConfiguration.php is indeed writable and display an Error (red badge) if not

b) disable with a Warning / Error box all tools which somehow need to write to the LocalConfiguration in some way. The "ActionInterface" could provide a method to declare if "needs localconfiguration" write access and depending on that display the warning instead of handling the action as usual.

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #86330: Do not crash install tool if a modal failsClosed2018-09-20


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We're now mitigating this in v9: The install tool is ajax based and if a modal crashes, hints + further info including an exception backtrace is rendered (depending on debug settings).

There is an edge case we can't mitigate in a good way: If an early step (for instance the silent configuration upgrader) fails because it can't write the LocalConfiguration, then the tool still crashes. We can't really fix that since larger parts of the install tool rely on "up to date" LocalConfiguration settings. So we MUST halt the install tool if the silent upgrader (or some other early step) wants to write LocalConfiguration, but can't do so. In this case, we can't do much more than showing some hopefully good error message output.

Let's see if that solution is ok for the time being in v9 ... with v10 we may extend that further and maybe fire up some full 'recovery / testing' step.

If there are further requests for specific details we should improve, those should be handled in new issues outlining the exact case.

Other than that, I'll close this issue for now.

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