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Add ctype and section_frame as class to ce in backend (page-view)

Added by Mario Kober over 6 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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we often use the section-frames to choose a styling or sizing for content elements. Some others use the layout field for this task. In the backend all ce´s look the same. This ist sometimes too far away from the look on the frontend. Easy example: i use this field to select the width of an element - 33% for example. If the section_frame would be added to the backend, I could show these elements floated as 3-columns.

Another one: if I have some elements with a blue background, I could show them with a blue background in the TYPO3 backend also.

I hope that some may find this useful also.



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thanks to communicate your thoughts here.

Maybe I don't get the point .. this is just a Info
how you work .. right? :) Backend skinning is
in various ways possible. Which is indeed great.

For now, I would close this Issue.

Greez Jens

#2 Updated by Mario Kober over 6 years ago

No, I have no intention to just talk about my way of work. I was talking about an optimization of the backend to make skinning easier.

It is quite easy to add css styles for the backend in extTables. This way lowlevel backend skinning could be done very easy. I asked you to add two more css classes to each ce in the backend. That way some more options would be given to the user.

Is this so ridiculous? If so, I am sorry. I thought this is a small addition, that might be helpful to many users to optimize their backend experience.

Best regards,

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No, it's not so ridiculous .. it's just hard to get your point. :)
I will ask the Devs. what they think about it. We use TV here.
So I don't have those issues by default.

@Ernesto: What do you think?

Greez Jens

#4 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi about 4 years ago

Considering that in v.7.6 the section_frame field has been removed (at least if you use Fluid Style Content), I guess this issue has become obsolete, am I right?

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