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MetaData Extraction Registry should have Ordering Parameter

Added by Steffen Ritter about 6 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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the priority of of Metadata Extractors which one overrides data from another one.
This implicitly defines the execution order...

This might not be useful at any time - therefore add an parameter for execution priority/order

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Revision 03606391 (diff)
Added by Steffen Ritter about 6 years ago

[TASK] Priority is not execution order in for Extractors

When the meta-data extraction services have been introduced it
silently has been assumed that the defined priority can be
used as execution order. In fact the priority just defines which
data takes precedence of another. In fact you might have an
extraction service which has highest priority for the fields it
serves but on the opposite should run as first, so other
extraction services already can use the data.

This change adds a second "priority" for that purpose and adapts
the indexing process accordingly.

Resolves: #54228
Releases: 6.2
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