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Added by Ingo Schmitt almost 7 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Umbrella Task for all Workpackages. See http://www.workpackages.org


Epic #55067: WP Responsive DistributionClosedBenni Mack

Story #55581: Frontend-specific featuresClosedBenni Mack

Story #55582: Best Practices for BE editorsClosedBenni Mack

Story #55583: Valid frontend output / image licensesClosedBenni Mack

Story #55584: T3D Export for Introduction ContentClosedBenni Mack

Story #55585: Download / Installation of Introduction PackageClosedBenni Mack

Story #55586: DocumentationClosedBenni Mack

Task #57212: Add single view for distributions in EMClosedBenni Mack

Epic #55065: WP: Overall System Performance (Backend and Frontend)Closed

Story #55071: review current caching types and differentiate these typesClosed

Story #55072: implement compile time cacheClosed

Story #55073: review autoloader and language cacheClosed

Task #54990: ClassLoader cache ist too slow, no matter which CF Backend is usedClosed

Task #54984: "Clear all caches" makes the site unavailable for several secondsClosed

Story #55074: implement configuration cacheClosed

Story #55075: review TCA cache and increase performance and scalabilityClosed

Story #55076: review frontend rendering cache and rootline cacheClosed

Task #39295: Wrong expires date in cf_cache_pagesectionClosed

Story #55077: review bootstrap for ajax-calls and streamline processClosed

Story #55078: Optimize PHP code performance in TYPO3 methodsClosed

Task #54777: Use PHP native htmlspecialchars_decode()Closed

Task #54085: Replace all strcmp() calls with ===Closed

Task #54091: Use === operator instead of strlen() to check for zero length stringsClosed

Task #54265: Use (int) instead of intval() or (integer)ClosedJo Hasenau

Task #54560: Replace JavaScriptEncoder with json_encode()Closed

Task #55198: Replace trimExplode + foreach with explode + trim within foreachClosedJo Hasenau

Task #54525: Optimize file- and path functions in GeneralUtilityClosed

Task #55122: Cleanup and optimize methods in ExtensionManagementUtilityClosedMichiel Roos

Task #54734: Optimize ext_tables and ext_localconf cache filesClosed

Bug #52949: Speed decrease since 4.5Closed

Task #53029: Improve performance of the class loader ClosedThomas Maroschik

Task #53744: Change ClassLoader cache from proxy require files to standard cache backendsClosedThomas Maroschik

Task #53747: Change TCA cache from php code to serialized arrayClosedThomas Maroschik

Feature #52642: CF: Implement Simple db, apc & memcached backendClosed

Bug #53556: classLoader->loadClass calls requireOnce twice per classClosed

Bug #53918: t3skin calls addIconSprite for each languageClosed

Bug #53962: Class loader does not cache non existing classesClosed

Bug #53702: FAL fetches storages twice on every BE requestClosed

Task #54251: GeneralUtility::array_merge_recursive_overrule has bad performanceClosedMarkus Klein

Bug #53862: isValidUrl idna converts whole URI instead of domain onlyClosed

Bug #52125: Saving records takes ages to completeClosed

Bug #52235: Timeout when copying pages recursively due to cache-clearing overloadClosed

Bug #53598: Select/Delete fe_sessions twice per requestClosedAlexander Opitz

Bug #54982: Performance of eID-scripts in TYPO3 6.2ClosedAlexander Opitz

Bug #55022: PackageManager Cache is invalid if typo3 dir has symlinksClosedAlexander Opitz

Bug #56307: Findings from Bootstrap/PackageManager/ClassLoader analysesClosedSteffen Ritter

Bug #56308: ClassLoaderCache superflouousClosed

Bug #56310: The PackageManager checks every boot if all required packages are activeClosedThomas Maroschik

Bug #56311: PackageFactory does not need to be initialized on regular requestsClosedThomas Maroschik

Bug #56312: Dependency Resolver does not need to be initializedClosedBenni Mack

Bug #56313: Cache Identifiers shorten the MD5 hashClosed

Bug #56314: setCacheHashOptions from Bootstrap not relevant for EIDClosedBenni Mack

Bug #56315: Optimize TimeTracking init in eID CaseRejected

Bug #56316: inline BEUserAuth::getCookieNameClosedThomas Maroschik

Bug #56317: Cache Local and Default Configuration to prevent duplicate File AccessRejected

Bug #56318: Check wether the ConfigurationManager can be omitted/reduced for the purpose of what the Boostrap really needs from thatClosed

Bug #56319: Merge Cache/Cache and CacheFactory into CacheManagerClosed

Bug #56320: Check emptying the Flow Classes as far as possibleRejected

Bug #56322: GetAliasesForClass not usedClosed

Bug #56323: cache_classes should cluster by Package instead of ClassClosed

Bug #56324: Class Loader should not try to runtime resolve class-pathesClosed

Bug #56325: Move "finalClassNameCache" from GeneralUtility to ClassLoaderClosed

Bug #56326: Evaluate and Merge ClassAliasMap into Classloader classRejected

Bug #56328: Extract complex "class loader cache building" code into ClassLoadingInformationFactoryClosed

Bug #56330: Add all classes which are needed anyhow within the minimal Bootstrap to the require list in system environment builderRejected

Bug #56331: Evaluate if we can profit from concatenate all baseRequiredClasses into one fileClosed

Bug #56333: MicroOptimize ClassLoaderClosed

Bug #56334: Prevent inclusion of LogLevel due to ConfigDefault referralRejected

Bug #56335: Prevent Inclusion of ResourceStorage from BootstrapClosedThomas Maroschik

Bug #56336: Prevent Inclusion of MediaWizardProvider* in Base BootstrapClosed

Bug #56337: Remove manual array calculation in Locales and put the arrays to the class directlyClosed

Bug #56340: Remove the VariableFrontend from requiredBaseClassesClosed

Task #56341: Evaluate if it is really reasonable to have TYPO3\CMS\Core\Compatibility\LoadedExtensionsArrayClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #56538: Cache the $GLOBALS['TYPO3_LOADED_EXT'] as an arrayClosedThomas Maroschik

Bug #56933: Cached class loader misses are not considered on retrievalClosedThomas Maroschik

Task #56934: Move information in Package classes into composer filesClosedThomas Maroschik

Story #57862: Add possibility to make all TCA additions cachedClosed

Task #57863: Introduce a signal in ExtensionManagementUtility::loadBaseTcaClosed

Task #57881: Make category TCA changes cacheableClosed

Task #57942: Provide API to add cached TCA changesClosed

Bug #23069: Bottleneck in t3lib_tcemainClosed

Task #55179: Optimize SQL PerformanceClosed

Bug #55180: Increase Determination of siteroot pageClosedIngo Schmitt

Bug #55181: Speedup domain redirection lookupClosedIngo Schmitt

Bug #55182: Speedup selection of storageClosedIngo Schmitt

Bug #55184: Filling the entries from sys_registry does not use an indexClosedIngo Schmitt

Feature #27372: Execute native prepared queries in t3lib_DBClosedXavier Perseguers

Bug #24960: Rewrite t3lib_loadModules::getRelativePath()Rejected

Task #55578: DocumentationClosed

Epic #55656: Optimize overall Extbase performanceClosed

Task #55654: Extbase: Optimize ClassInfoFactory with the ClassInfoCacheClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Story #55168: Optimize Extbase generic persistenceClosedFelix Oertel

Task #55167: Extbase: avoid parseQuery() / buildQuery() to be called multiple timesClosedFelix Oertel

Task #55661: Add functional tests for extbase persistenceClosedFelix Oertel

Task #57173: Use of cf_extbase_typo3dbbackend_queries results in fatalClosedXavier Perseguers

Task #57130: Extbase Queries with NULL comparison don't work anymoreClosed

Task #57104: Regression: Query building fails for LazyObjectStorageClosed

Task #57263: Typo3DbQueryParser does not handle LowerCaseInterface correctlyClosedFelix Oertel

Task #57338: Make Typo3DbQueryParser SingletonClosed

Task #55169: Extbase: fetch child objects in one queryRejectedFelix Oertel

Feature #60460: Refactor lazyLoading handling in extbaseClosedFelix Oertel

Task #53514: Extbase: DataMapper causes redundant queriesClosedNico de Haen

Task #55360: Extbase: use preparedStatement in generic persistenceClosedFelix Oertel

Task #57067: Follow-Up re-use preparedStatement objectRejectedFelix Oertel

Task #57254: Fix usage of own prepared statement object in $query->statementClosed

Task #56979: Add setting for DataMapper to enable preparedStatementsClosed

Task #59917: User Repositories in internal persistence logicRejectedFelix Oertel

Story #54567: Extbase: overall performance of backend modulesClosedFelix Oertel

Task #54571: Extbase: Avoid TS parsing in BE if not necessaryClosedFelix Oertel

Task #55653: belog: cache the beusers usernameClosed

Feature #48960: Extbase: Backport lazy dependency injectionRejectedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Story #55079: review Extbase caching for frontend and backendClosed

Task #55044: Make Extbase use cache group "pages"ClosedBenni Mack

Task #54701: Cache global TypoScript template in backendClosedFelix Oertel

Task #57594: Optimize ReflectionService Cache handlingClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Feature #81389: Injected ReflectionService without call to initialize/shutdownClosed

Task #54605: Inject annotations should not be used by core (~5% performance)ClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56108: Cleanup \TYPO3\CMS\Recordlist\RecordList\DatabaseRecordList and friendsClosed

Task #56109: Cleanup \TYPO3\CMS\Lang\LanguageServiceClosed

Task #56110: IconUtility::getSpriteIcon() needs a cacheClosed

Bug #58357: Superfluous SQL queries on copying recordsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #59587: Performance killer: APC cache backend, wrong assignment of cache tagsClosedAlexander Opitz

Epic #54260: WP: FAL Missing Issues / Features / APIClosed

Story #54261: As an Extension-Developer I want to use FAL assets in my custom developmentClosed

Task #54233: Review the Extbase & FAL usage in combinationClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #52589: Method for direct output of fileClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54226: Extend File/Folder API for getContainingFolder()ClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54232: Fix Usage of FAL in eID ScriptsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53772: MetaData updated during runtime is not updated in the FileObject InstanceClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #52631: TypoScript FILES Object returns hidden and deleted sys_file_referencesClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54228: MetaData Extraction Registry should have Ordering ParameterClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55177: Add concept of a default storageClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55187: Allow unique evaulation for TCA type 'check'ClosedOliver Hader

Story #54263: As an Integrator I want to have my metadata present at places when using filesClosed

Task #52778: No metadata shown for Folder and Category bases collectionsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53687: FileRepository:getFileIndexRecordsForFolder only works for hierarchical pathClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53688: ResourceFactory::createFileObject is called from Folder::getFiles directlyClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54012: Inconsistent hasProperty method for filesClosedSteffen Ritter

Story #54264: As an Enterprise User I want to use Storages outside my webroot or on remote systems in order to structure my Files according to my IT-GuidelinesClosed

Task #54227: Fix Storages outside web-rootRejectedSteffen Ritter

Task #36420: Filemount in local file system (not on webserver) leads to errorsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55160: Exception on first access to FILE -> FilelistClosed

Story #54266: As an User I want FAL to be performantClosed

Task #54235: getSha1 does not use the Cached property but always recalculateClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54225: Optimize Performance and DB Queries for FALClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55186: Prevent Storages to be queried over and over againClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53691: Files are not able to be created anymore without beeing indexed - remove all this fallback logicClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54237: filemetadata adds extremely slow MM-relation to fe_groupsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #51094: SQL-Optimize the FALClosed

Task #54730: sys_file_processedfile.checksum shorten DB fieldClosedIngo Schmitt

Task #54726: sys_file_reference.fieldname optimize columnsClosedIngo Schmitt

Task #54725: Add Indexes to sys_file_referenceClosedIngo Schmitt

Task #54953: FrontendContentAdapterService performs same actions several timesClosed

Task #54979: FrontendContentAdapterService should disabled for new installations.ClosedSteffen Ritter

Story #54267: As an Editor I want to use a FAL withouth bugsClosed

Task #51512: Unreadable directories cause exceptionsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #51762: Exception instead of nice warning when opening filelist as restricted be-user after updating 6.1.3 -> 6.1.4ClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54234: Prevent creation of FileObjects for ProcessedFilesClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53655: Wrong path in Frontend on moving directory in fileadminClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #44550: Preview image and database entry not deleted when deleting a FAL fileClosed

Task #54554: FAL: Folder not found and dockheader menu brokenClosed

Task #55416: Accessing the root folder of a file mount is not possible for non-adminsClosed

Story #54268: As an TYPO3-Contributor I want to have a clean CodeBase in order maintain the productClosed

Task #53770: ResourceStorage uses deprecated driver APIClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54236: sys_file_metadata uses mm for fe_group fieldClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53690: Remove calls to FileRepository when retrieving FileObjects ClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54230: Refactor Driver APIClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54231: The Driver Registry should check for the implementation of the InterfaceClosedSteffen Ritter

Story #54270: As an User I need to upgrade from pre-FAL or DAM InstallationsClosed

Task #54241: Upgrade wizard for sys_category <<-->> sys_file relationsClosed

Task #55447: RTE magic images should be migrated to processed filesClosed

Story #54272: As an Editor I expect FAL to work with the RTEClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #49319: Error finding folder for rte links preparingClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #48512: RTE Linking with file upload failsClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #46686: RTE linking to file doesn't prevent deleting itClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #54944: FAL links in RTE not translated when link has rel-AttributeClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #51778: FE showing TYPO3 Exception: #1375955684: You are not allowed to access the given folder (RTE Magic Images)ClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #51807: RTE MagicImage should use the FAL processing API and not storage-0ClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #56147: Regenerate missing RTE magic image on renderingClosed

Task #54229: Refactor Processor Registry like the Extractor registryClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #56774: Change the API of -->process to use the new ProcessingStuffClosed

Task #56775: Create Basic Registry and interfaces for kick-offRejected

Task #56773: Implement Processor for new ProcessorRegistry which wraps the old Processing serviceRejected

Epic #54542: WP: Importer / Exporter with relations MM/IRRE/FALClosedMathias Schreiber

Task #55084: Introduce a option to include related records on pid 0Rejected

Task #55086: Store references to files in refindex again (?)Closed

Story #55520: As an User I want to create exports in v. 6.2 and import them in v. 6.2ClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55431: Impexp: file contents of sys_file are not included in exportClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55082: Impexp: for non active controls NULL has to be imported in xml modeClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55526: Impexp: missing fields of sys_file on importRejected

Task #55528: Importing a identical sys_file_storage have to be preventedClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55530: Avoid to find a file object with uid 0ClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55531: Impexp: avoid the importer to assign the references count as sys_file_reference uid to the datahandlerClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55532: Impexp: import the binary files being sys_file records to the right storageClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #49227: Files missing in import/exportClosedFrancois Suter

Task #55906: Impext: Don't clear relation field data for sys_file_reference uid_localClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56285: Impexp: Links to sys_file (file:uid) fail on import (link fields and rte)ClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56286: Impexp: Do not include processed images from rte in exportClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56352: Impexp: Files of TCA type "group" internal_type "file" are missing in exportClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56516: Relations for fields of type group internal_type file_reference are not set on importClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56580: SoftReferenceIndex typolink missing support for title attributeClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56670: Make Import/Export work with Package ManagerClosedBenni Mack

Task #56811: Don't save references in index for processed images in RTE fieldsClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56991: RefIndex is broken for FlexForm fields group file_reference, results in missing these files in exportClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #57048: Add option to skip all sys_file records from storage 0 in exportRejectedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Story #55521: As an User I want to create exports in v. 4.x and import them in v. 6.2ClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #52593: Impexp: make 4.x exports work as import in 6.xClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #57006: SoftReferenceIndex typolink[linkList] missing support separation by line feedClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Story #55522: As a developer I want to ensure that further changes have no negative impact on import or exportClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55100: Impexp: Add simple functional tests ClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55111: Extend FunctionalTestCase with linked fileadmin foldersClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55625: Impexp: Introduce limitation of exported fields of a tca typeClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #55664: Use DataHandler testing framework for simple import testClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56071: Impexp: add test scenarios for tca types group file and file referenceClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56086: Impexp functional tests do not fail on wrong assertionClosed

Task #56089: Impexp: add test scenarios for RTE with images and links to filesClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56193: Extend FunctionalTestCase to get the instance path within a testRejected

Task #56194: Extend FunctionalTestCase for creation of additional foldersClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56241: Improve AbstractDataHandlerActionTestCaseClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56287: Impexp: add test scenarios for irre relationsClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #56612: Impexp: Add tests for flexformClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #57045: Obsolet data in import testdata xmlClosed

Epic #55066: WP: Security enhancementsClosed

Bug #54201: Implement Clickjacking ProtectionClosed

Bug #46434: XSS in content element wizardClosed

Story #55509: Add CSRF Protection to mod.phpClosedHelmut Hummel

Task #56359: Fix module access regressionsClosed

Task #56453: Improve usability with multiple tabs openClosed

Task #55515: Add CSRF Protection for tce_file.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Story #55516: Reduce the number of backend script entry pointsClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55668: cms/layout entry scripts cleanupClosedNicole Cordes

Task #55669: form sysext entry script cleanupClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55670: func entry script cleanupClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55671: impexp entry script cleanupClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55672: info entry script cleanupClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55796: Adjust indexed seach submodules of web_info to mod dispatcherClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55797: Use mod dispatch on indexed search submodules for web_infoClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55673: openid entry script cleanupRejectedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55674: rtehtmlarea entry scripts cleanupClosedNicole Cordes

Task #55675: version entry script cleanupClosedNicole Cordes

Task #55676: t3editor wizard inclusion cleanupClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #55809: Compat layer for submodules using index.phpClosedAnja Leichsenring

Task #56631: Remove Compat layer for info and function submodulesClosed

Task #56246: BackenUtility::getModuleUrl should respect old modules (not mod.php style)Rejected

Task #56247: Remove all conf.php files and use the BackendUtility::addModule API to add the configurationRejected

Task #56268: Add new way to register a TCA wizardClosed

Task #56364: Redirect after switch-to-user brokenClosedHelmut Hummel

Task #56272: Use the new way of registering wizards for edit wizardClosed

Task #56632: Make show_rechis.php mod.php dispatchedClosedNicole Cordes

Task #56721: ElementBrowser::getThisScript is not publicClosed

Story #56052: Implement CSRF Protection for ajax.phpClosed

Task #56345: Add API to CSRF protect Ajax calls in BackendClosed

Task #56356: Protect core Ajax calls against CSRFClosed

Task #56404: Make sure M parameter is first in URLClosed

Task #57096: Cleanup Ajax URL JS settingsClosed

Task #57196: Protect Ajax calls of core extensionsClosed

Bug #56403: Fix GET parameter order in unit testsClosed

Story #56431: Use new wizard registration and remove wizard entry pointsClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56432: Adjust typo3/wizard_add.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56433: Adjust typo3/wizard_edit.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56434: Adjust typo3/wizard_list.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56435: Adjust typo3/wizard_table.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56436: Adjust typo3/wizard_colorpicker.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56437: Adjust typo3/wizard_rte.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56438: Adjust typo3/wizard_forms.phpClosedAlexander Schnitzler

Task #56454: Remove old wizard scriptsClosed

Task #56470: Make typo3/browse_links.php and rtehtmlarea/mod3/browse_links mod.php dispatchedClosed

Task #56471: Make wizard_backend_layout.php mod.php dispatchedClosed

Task #56622: Regression: The requested URL /typo3/' T3_THIS_LOCATION ' was not found on this server.Closed

Task #56611: new reference error with non-admin userClosed

Task #56625: Remove old backend_layout wizardClosed

Bug #56633: Add Formprotection Class for FE usage (API for ext developers)ClosedHelmut Hummel

Bug #56743: Make file_edit.php dispatchedClosed

Bug #61477: Create upgrade wizard for "old" shortcut links of file_edit.phpClosedWouter Wolters

Task #61215: Make file_newfolder.php dispatchedClosedWouter Wolters

Task #61216: Make file_rename.php dispatchedClosedWouter Wolters

Task #61217: Make file_upload.php dispatchedClosedWouter Wolters

Task #64691: Make move_el.php dispatchedClosed

Task #64692: Make tce_file.php dispatchedClosed

Bug #64695: Make tce_db.php dispatchedClosed

Task #64774: Make login_frameset.php dispatchedClosed

Epic #54851: WP: Workspaces IRRE & MM bugfixesClosed

Story #54852: As a developer I want to ensure that further changes in DataHandler have no negative impactClosed

Story #54853: As a user I want to correctly create, modify, preview and publish IRRE & MM related workspace changesClosed

Task #45214: Problems on publishing complex IRRE structureClosed

Task #43210: Resolving element dependencies does not work on deleted child recordsClosed

Task #54956: Invalid workspace image preview in page and list moduleClosed

Task #56061: Introduce MM_oppositeUsage propertyClosedOliver Hader

Task #56122: Use MM_oppositeUsage for category relationsClosedOliver Hader

Task #55573: Failing moveContentRecordToDifferentPageAndChangeSortingClosedOliver Hader

Task #56376: Invalid relations of IRRE records in workspacesClosedOliver Hader

Task #29278: Lost relations on copying IRRE children in workspacesRejected

Task #45132: Faulty translation behavior of IRRE using workspacesRejected

Task #45676: Workspace references are not consideredRejected

Task #45151: IRRE 1n:csv parent records point to workspace placeholderRejectedOliver Hader

Task #56977: Save current workspace in ReferenceIndexClosedOliver Hader

Task #56994: Introduce shadowColumnsForMovePlaceholders propertyClosedOliver Hader

Task #45133: New IRRE parent-child-structures are not removedClosedOliver Hader

Task #56782: Failing group/select test changeElementSortingClosedOliver Hader

Task #56393: creation on new pages have broken permissions (perms_groupid set wrong)Closed

Task #57168: Enable queries using "root" and "-1" for pidInListClosedOliver Hader

Task #57169: Invalid relations of MM records in workspacesClosedOliver Hader

Task #57231: Refactor element dependency resolvingClosedOliver Hader

Task #56059: Category localization cannot be renderedClosedOliver Hader

Story #54854: As an editor I want to use a more intuitive workspace moduleClosed

Task #49689: Use alternative selector for many workspacesClosedOliver Hader

Task #55349: Visualize nested data structures in workspace moduleClosedOliver Hader

Epic #55064: WP: Workspaces test cases / DataHandler bugfixesClosedOliver Hader

Task #55217: Implement functional test-suite for workspacesClosed

Task #54812: Add functional tests from irre_tutorial to the coreClosedTymoteusz Motylewski

Task #54855: Add functional test cases to DataHandler for regular live editingClosedOliver Hader

Bug #54857: Test extensions are not considered in functional test casesClosedOliver Hader

Task #55563: Add functional test cases to DataHandler for regular workspace editingClosedOliver Hader

Task #55882: Add framework for frontend rendering functional testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56072: Extend DataHandler IRRE functional testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56104: Enable DataHandler frontend rendering testsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56111: Discard vs. Delete workspace changes in testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56143: Integrate IRRE CSV Functional TestsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56161: Parent localization pointer missing in IRRE testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56179: Add functional tests for discarding created elementsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56177: Windows issues with long CSV file name from commit 2db3d30ClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56244: Missing move placeholders in irre_tutorial testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56369: Add possibility to assert error log entriesClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56374: Unnatural processing order in IRRE testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56707: Add functional tests for TCA types select and group/dbClosedOliver Hader

Task #56708: Add Publish and PublishAll DataHandler workspaces testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #56710: Add sys_refindex table to functional action testsClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56729: Use clean DataHandler for each functional test actionClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56806: Split functional workspaces DataHandling test executionClosedOliver Hader

Bug #56819: Missing localizeChildrenAtParentLocalization for CSV testsClosedOliver Hader

Task #57014: Enrich many-to-many functional tests in live workspaceClosedOliver Hader

Task #57030: Add ManyToMany copyPage functional testClosedOliver Hader

Bug #54849: Functional tests cannot write to backend logClosedOliver Hader

Task #55879: Enable additional configuration in functional testsClosedOliver Hader


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