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WP: FAL Missing Issues / Features / API

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 6 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
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Story #54261: As an Extension-Developer I want to use FAL assets in my custom developmentClosed

Task #54233: Review the Extbase & FAL usage in combinationClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #52589: Method for direct output of fileClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54226: Extend File/Folder API for getContainingFolder()ClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54232: Fix Usage of FAL in eID ScriptsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53772: MetaData updated during runtime is not updated in the FileObject InstanceClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #52631: TypoScript FILES Object returns hidden and deleted sys_file_referencesClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54228: MetaData Extraction Registry should have Ordering ParameterClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55177: Add concept of a default storageClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55187: Allow unique evaulation for TCA type 'check'ClosedOliver Hader

Story #54263: As an Integrator I want to have my metadata present at places when using filesClosed

Task #52778: No metadata shown for Folder and Category bases collectionsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53687: FileRepository:getFileIndexRecordsForFolder only works for hierarchical pathClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53688: ResourceFactory::createFileObject is called from Folder::getFiles directlyClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54012: Inconsistent hasProperty method for filesClosedSteffen Ritter

Story #54264: As an Enterprise User I want to use Storages outside my webroot or on remote systems in order to structure my Files according to my IT-GuidelinesClosed

Task #54227: Fix Storages outside web-rootRejectedSteffen Ritter

Task #36420: Filemount in local file system (not on webserver) leads to errorsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55160: Exception on first access to FILE -> FilelistClosed

Story #54266: As an User I want FAL to be performantClosed

Task #54235: getSha1 does not use the Cached property but always recalculateClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54225: Optimize Performance and DB Queries for FALClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #55186: Prevent Storages to be queried over and over againClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53691: Files are not able to be created anymore without beeing indexed - remove all this fallback logicClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54237: filemetadata adds extremely slow MM-relation to fe_groupsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #51094: SQL-Optimize the FALClosed

Task #54730: sys_file_processedfile.checksum shorten DB fieldClosedIngo Schmitt

Task #54726: sys_file_reference.fieldname optimize columnsClosedIngo Schmitt

Task #54725: Add Indexes to sys_file_referenceClosedIngo Schmitt

Task #54953: FrontendContentAdapterService performs same actions several timesClosed

Task #54979: FrontendContentAdapterService should disabled for new installations.ClosedSteffen Ritter

Story #54267: As an Editor I want to use a FAL withouth bugsClosed

Task #51512: Unreadable directories cause exceptionsClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #51762: Exception instead of nice warning when opening filelist as restricted be-user after updating 6.1.3 -> 6.1.4ClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54234: Prevent creation of FileObjects for ProcessedFilesClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53655: Wrong path in Frontend on moving directory in fileadminClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #44550: Preview image and database entry not deleted when deleting a FAL fileClosed

Task #54554: FAL: Folder not found and dockheader menu brokenClosed

Task #55416: Accessing the root folder of a file mount is not possible for non-adminsClosed

Story #54268: As an TYPO3-Contributor I want to have a clean CodeBase in order maintain the productClosed

Task #53770: ResourceStorage uses deprecated driver APIClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54236: sys_file_metadata uses mm for fe_group fieldClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #53690: Remove calls to FileRepository when retrieving FileObjects ClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54230: Refactor Driver APIClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #54231: The Driver Registry should check for the implementation of the InterfaceClosedSteffen Ritter

Story #54270: As an User I need to upgrade from pre-FAL or DAM InstallationsClosed

Task #54241: Upgrade wizard for sys_category <<-->> sys_file relationsClosed

Task #55447: RTE magic images should be migrated to processed filesClosed

Story #54272: As an Editor I expect FAL to work with the RTEClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #49319: Error finding folder for rte links preparingClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #48512: RTE Linking with file upload failsClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #46686: RTE linking to file doesn't prevent deleting itClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #54944: FAL links in RTE not translated when link has rel-AttributeClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #51778: FE showing TYPO3 Exception: #1375955684: You are not allowed to access the given folder (RTE Magic Images)ClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #51807: RTE MagicImage should use the FAL processing API and not storage-0ClosedStanislas Rolland

Task #56147: Regenerate missing RTE magic image on renderingClosed

Task #54229: Refactor Processor Registry like the Extractor registryClosedSteffen Ritter

Task #56774: Change the API of -->process to use the new ProcessingStuffClosed

Task #56775: Create Basic Registry and interfaces for kick-offRejected

Task #56773: Implement Processor for new ProcessorRegistry which wraps the old Processing serviceRejected

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #46383: levelmedia ignores sorting of media records Closed 2013-03-17


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