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6.2.4 ~ 6.2.6 template analyzer displays wrong constants/setup

Added by mark roemermann over 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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As suggested by Philipp on the mailing list

I'm opening this ticket that may be a recurrence of

In 6.2.6 I've noticed the template analyzer displays the setup and constants of another different template record when selected. I can't work out a definitive pattern to the differences, as in it does not seem to be an off by one error in UID in sys_template or something like that.

Info/Modify works fine, as does all rendering and typoscript object browser. Adminer shows that the correct setup and constants are in sys_template.

Philipp mentions:
"This bug exists since a while. Downgrading will not help, because it is there since at least the release of 6.2. Most likely the matching of the array and the possible locations of the templates is broken after refactoring some of the code. Therefore wrong links are generated."

I'm happy to provide any troubleshooting info if needed with guidance (not a programmer).


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Updated by Philipp Gampe over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted

Behavior exists since 6.2.0 at least, most likely longer.

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Updated by Philipp Gampe over 9 years ago

$GLOBALS->['tmpl']->hierarchyInfo[] is correct. $GLOBALS->['tmpl']->constants[] and $GLOBALS->['tmpl']->config[] have the wrong array keys for some reason.

We should evaluate whether the automatic generated keys are needed or if we can replace them with the template key.

We can replace $GLOBALS->['tmpl'] with this->template without problems.

BTW: This code is a big WTF.

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Updated by Daniel Goerz about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Needs Feedback

This bug report is very old. Does this bug still occur in TYPO3 7 LTS and/or the master? And if so, how can it be reproduced?

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Updated by Philipp Gampe about 8 years ago

AFAIK this has been fixed already in during 7.x development.

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Updated by mark roemermann about 8 years ago

Hi, when I create a fresh install on 7.x this bug is not there, so as far as I can see its all good on newer versions.

It is there on one install still on 6.2.22 (so has come up through the 6.2 patches) that hasn't been moved to 7.x yet.

Happy if you want to close this bug, but I could report back if anything is there after an upgrade from 6.2 to LTS.

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Updated by Daniel Goerz about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Needs Feedback to Closed

Sounds good to me. So I close this one for now. If this or a similar issue occurs in 7 LTS or master please open a new ticket with steps on how to reproduce.


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