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Sorting of foreign records in TCA type select

Added by Christian Fries over 3 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Currently records of a foreign table won't be sorted in a select field if foreign_table_where doesn't contain an "ORDER BY ..." statement.

I'd suggest the following solution:
  • Introduce a new option 'foreign_table_sortby'
  • If 'foreign_table_sortby' is defined, use this statement for sorting
  • Backward compatibility: If 'foreign_table_where' contains an 'ORDER BY ...' statement and 'foreign_table_sortby' is undefined, use the 'ORDER BY ...' statement as 'foreign_table_sortby'. If 'foreign_table_sortby' is defined, ignore 'ORDER BY ...' statements in 'foreign_table_where'
  • If 'foreign_table_sortby' is not defined, use 'default_sortby' of the foreign table

In the long term this is a cleaner solution and if no sorting is defined, the records are sorted according to the default sorting.


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I just came over a similar problem: the default_sortby is a date field (start_date) and it works fine, if it is used as the standard sorting mechanism of the table. But as soon as it is used as the right table of an m:m relation, things don't work as nicely any more, when the TCA does NOT define an ORDER BY. As soon as there is an "ORDER BY start_date" it works as expected - but it is "double the trouble".

I would say: if there is no ORDER BY, then the standard sorting mechanism of the table should be used.
(I am not so sure if the intrdocution of a new sorting mechanism is necessary...)

TYPO3 8.7.1, php 7.1.13, MAMP with opcache

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