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Modified LinkValidator with datatables

Added by Équipe Tactic almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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We modified to be able to use it inside a datatable and easily delete links from the table.

There is pagination, well everything what datatable does pretty much.

I was wondering where can we do a pull request for this?


linkValidator.png (65.7 KB) linkValidator.png Équipe Tactic, 2015-12-04 17:30

Updated by Mathias Schreiber almost 6 years ago

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Updated by Équipe Tactic almost 6 years ago

We are trying as a team to make it as good as possible before doing a pull request.

As soon as we have the OK, we are starting the guide.

One thing, do we have to import datatable in the extension to be able to use it? ( TYPO3 6.2 )

Is there an equivalent in the typo3 backend to do



Updated by Wouter Wolters almost 6 years ago

There is already a jQuery available in linkvalidator. This is version 2.x and not the one from the 1.x series.
As this is a feature we can only accept it for version 8. Not in 7.6 or 6.2 anymore.
The datatables plugin is also available withing the core already. You can use that within the AMD module the linkvalidator already has in place.


Updated by Équipe Tactic almost 6 years ago


Well where can I get support on how to do this : https://forum.typo3.org/index.php/t/212697/

I don't think we are going to put the time into it for typo3 8.


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 5 years ago

Hi, what is the state of this issue?


Updated by Équipe Tactic over 5 years ago


We ended up developping our own custom solution for this issue, so I believe it can be closed.

Thank you!


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 5 years ago

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I close now as requested by the reporter. Feel free to reopen if you think it is the wrong decision or there should be something else to work on.

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