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CKEDITOR should be able to pick local image

Added by Jens no-lastname-given over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Reference to Bug #80300
It is an absolute must have to have the same functionality regarding images like we have in v7. It is not acceptable to use only Text/Image content elements. And please tell me how I can update from 7 to 8 and migrating all the images in hundrets of content elemets.

The CKEditor itself has the possibility to store and use images from a server.

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Updated by Christian Kuhn over 7 years ago

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Images in rtehtmlarea had to be explicitly enabled for editors, default was to not allow that. If you're bound to that feature when upgrading sites, you can still use the extracted htmlarea, an upgrade wizard for that is in place. ext:rhehtmlarea has been significantly cleaned in v8, freed from extjs and is in a relatively good shape. I guess it could survive some core versions without much maintenance needs. Use it if you really need the inline image feature.

Furthermore, it should be possible to write an ckeditor plugin that does a similar thing, but that will not finds its way into the core and needs to be maintained by some group interested in this.

However, image handling directly within ckeditor will not be implemented as core feature again based on the solution as it was done with htmlarea. The core strives for proper FAL db normalization and will not cripple that with inline images as it has been done before, again. Maybe the core comes up with a different solution later that achieves a similar editing experience but keeps the clean db state, but that will clearly take time and we're not promising anything in this area, yet.

I'll reject this issue as "not in the core".

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Updated by Frans Saris over 7 years ago

We are open for your contribution btw :)

Would be cool if you could come up with a nice solution for this

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Updated by Grégory Duchesnes about 7 years ago

Hi all,

i started building a new website with TYPO3 8.7 and CK and i have a hard time believing what i'm reading.

There are many cases that textmedia can't fullfill. In fact i've built dozens of website with TYPO3 over the last 10 years and was never able to use textmedia for my needs, funny enough i always thought this was obsolete and would eventually be dropped.

Website are made for editors in real life, not for developers.

Quick questions :
- how do you build a HTML5 compliant and semantically correct content with 2 columns and an image in the middle of the left column (with text above and below) with textmedia?
- How do you insert images in the middle of a news content without inline images? Should all news be converted to pages in order to use standard contents?

Do you consider this as marginal needs? Too bad for me, my editors use this kind of things everyday

EDIT : use of tricks like relations to content elements in news or IRRE is way to complicated for editors, they just can't use it and it can not replace the ease of use of inline images

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Updated by Malte Koitka about 7 years ago

I share Grégorys view on this, that editors need this feature. There are some cases (fe. a product table/matrix) where inline images is the only solution if you don't want to use an HTML element or an overly complex extension.

While having all the great benefits of CKEditor, on starting a new project developers/integrators now have to know beforehand if inline images will ever be needed for the current project. So the safe choice would be to just use EXT:rtehtmlarea.

If someone decides to build a plugin for this with the plan to maybe integrate that or something similar into the core at a later point in time ... Are the current architectural issues with inline images documented somewhere?



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