Bug #81211

Uncought Exeption in list-modul (NAMEPREP: Prohibited input U+0000003E)

Added by Joe Jones over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Dear TYPO3 Team,

I updated a TYPO3 Installation. The Install Tool was fine (not as told in Bug #80723), but the same exeption is thown in the list modul. In the module web it is no problem.

Not alle pages with email adresses make problems. Maybe it is not even an upgrade problem.

1. Adding a new contentelement Image/Text.
2. Adding text with the ckeditor. Just a few simple lines with ü, ä, ö
3. Save and open list modul
--> No problem
4. Open the CE and adding a line with an email adress at the end
5. Save and open list modul
--> No problem
6. Open the CE and adding some english text
7. Save and open list modul
--> No problem
8. Open the CE and adding some Text with ö, ü, ä
9. Save and open list modul
--> the list modul crashes

Following pattern makes problems:
- string@string followed by any umlaut

Following patterns make no problems
- string ummlaut
- string string umlaut sting
- string space space string umlaut
- string space @string umlaut
- string
space string umlaut
- <LINK >string space @ space string</LINK> umlaut (setting link with link editor)

It seams, that the conventional pattern of an email address as link text breaks the link validator, if an special char (umlaut) follows -- strange correlation :-/

Please check this and ask, if you need additional informationen.

Thank you


NAMEPREP.html (42.4 KB) NAMEPREP.html Joe Jones, 2017-05-12 15:27

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