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Epic #72584: sysext:impexp

Story #57377: Additional improvements for impexp

impexp: Remove "Max file size" restriction

Added by Christian Kuhn about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Revision 0fd5a2dc (diff)
Added by Christian Kuhn about 2 years ago

[TASK] impexp: Remove "Max file size" restriction

The export modules has a file size restriction
that skips file exports if they are bigger than
by default 1MB. This can be raised with an input
The patch removes that input field:
  • Configured maximum file sizes are checked during
    upload already. A well configured system should
    expect existing files are ok and just export everything
  • The 1MB default size is old fashioned. Typical images
    are often bigger in size and resized only during FE
  • Skipping arbitrary files in export has a negative
    impact on data consistency of the export.
  • Single files can still be excluded from export if
  • Users up until now usually had manually raised the
    limit to some value high enough to make all files fit

Change-Id: Ib70dc48de44d215067474b4c3f6fff8988ab7712
Resolves: #83596
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Tested-by: Reiner Teubner <>
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