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Import/Export (T3D)
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umbrella ticket for all kind of issues concerning this sysext.


Story #57377: Additional improvements for impexpClosed

Feature #57378: Cli support for Import/Export Closed

Task #57379: Support for files separated from the t3d fileClosed

Task #57380: Cleanup impexpClosed

Task #83596: impexp: Remove "Max file size" restrictionClosed

Task #83597: impexp: Use XML as default export formatClosed

Task #58801: Improve logging of initial t3d import errorsClosed

Task #59731: Cleanup created files in functional test in impexpClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Task #58693: Ignore sys_file_reference records pointing to missing files on importClosedMarc Bastian Heinrichs

Feature #19151: impexp module should be accessible through functions moduleClosedLudwig Rafelsberger

Feature #19157: impexp could have an option to exclude all hidden recordsClosedLudwig Rafelsberger

Feature #58491: Impexp lacks support of keeping or setting new uids of lost relationsNew

Bug #62081: TCA not updated before t3d/xml file will be importedClosed

Bug #67188: Wrong FAL References after ImportClosed

Feature #68202: Add option to keep user/group permissons when importing pagesNew

Bug #72207: Files missing in import/exportClosed

Bug #72777: Import success message altough import was preventedNew

Bug #72962: Avoid garbage upon failed importNew

Bug #72968: Missing files during import cause abortNew

Bug #73157: Importing non-compressed t3d files does not work anymoreClosedMarkus Klein

Bug #73158: Wrong casing in FAL function name callClosedMarkus Klein

Bug #73182: Import of localized content fails, content looses language idClosed

Bug #73443: Backend-layouts not properly mapped upon importNew

Bug #75331: Impexp does not care about filemountsClosedBenni Mack

Bug #75882: t3d import gives exception: File "" does not existClosed

Bug #80992: Import: page imported but no content.New

Bug #82301: Relationship between tt_address and sys_category records broken on importNew

Bug #83599: impexp: File upload in import brokenClosed

Bug #84041: Existing file references are modified after export/importAcceptedMarkus Klein

Story #85430: Improve usability of impexp and add documentationNew

Related issues

Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #72516: Import/Export uses deprecated method render() of FlashMessage Closed 2016-01-04
Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #83580: GeneralUtility::xml2array() can't parse bigger files (> 10MB) New 2018-01-16


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  • Target version changed from 8 LTS to Candidate for Major Version

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  • Related to Bug #83580: GeneralUtility::xml2array() can't parse bigger files (> 10MB) added

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Closing the umbrella, as we now have a category for this.

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  • Related to Story #92526: Concept for improved EXT:impexp added

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  • Related to deleted (Story #92526: Concept for improved EXT:impexp)

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